Jul 25, 2016

No wonder public is frustrated, instead of a press release, CHP information in media is bits and pieces

No wonder the public is frustrated, Is CHP giving bits and pieces, with slightly different information to different reporters? Or is it because we all have to contact them at different times and we get slightly different information?

We should not have to chase updates to this case, which has a high level of interest.

Why could CHP not send a press release to all media today stating where the investigation is today and that they know the location of the two parties of interest and they want to complete their investigation before "actively arresting" anyone. Is there a thing like passive arrest?

Times Standard had this article online, posted today.


North Coast News did not have the location information in the 6 p.m. newscast but did at 11 p.m

Sierra Jenkins from KIEM is a good reporter. So unless the TV report had the location, she would not omit that fact. Why did only TS  have the location in their article.

Not everyone can view KIEM on TV so my premise is based on the online KIEM post as having all pertinent information.

According to the TS article:

Marcia Kitchen and her boyfriend Joshua Pearlston, the parties of interest in the July 12 double fatal hit-and-run in Fortuna, are currently located in Humboldt County, according to the California Highway Patrol.
However, CHP Sgt. Michael Campbell said this morning that investigators are not actively seeking to arrest Kitchen and Pearlston until further investigations are completed. Campbell further stated that Kitchen and Pearlston are willing to voluntarily turn themselves in when the investigations are completed.
KIEM TV had this article today:
No location in KIEM story.
Additional information in KIEM story:
The CHP also says the Department of Justice has completed its examination and evidence collection of the Jeep Wrangler, now CHP’s Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team is inspecting the vehicle.    

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