Jul 30, 2016

Allen McCloskey, one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against St. Joseph hospital took out papers to run for Eureka City Council

Allen McCloskey announced on his facebook page that he is running for Eureka City Council.

According to a source, he has taken papers out for the 4th Ward.



"Thank you to my family, hundreds of coworkers, hundreds of patients, practitioners, current city council members, and friends for supporting me and encouraging me to continue my work by securing a seat on the Eureka City Council. With your support I am most certain that we will win this election come November. Together we can secure this seat. Together we can take on the status quo, together we can begin fixing our beautiful city and addressing our pending issues and restoring balance to our economy. I look forward to what we will accomplish together on this venture. Thank you all and God Bless!"

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Two gay couples employed by Eureka’s St. Joseph Hospital have filed a lawsuit against the Catholic institution alleging that hospital staff discriminated against them by refusing to let them work in the same unit with their partners while allowing straight couples to do so.
Nurses Donna Rotan and Pamela Hinson and lab workers Allen McCloskey and Antonio Moreno filed the suit last month in Humboldt County Superior Court, accusing the hospital of sexual orientation discrimination under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.



St. Joseph Eureka healthcare workers Kellie Shaner and Allen McCloskey, along with NUHW Lead Negotiator Charlie Ridgell, discussed St. Joseph Health System’s low wages July 2 in a one-hour interview on KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk.

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