Jul 22, 2016

Disturbance that appeared to be possible domestic violence turns out to be the opposite

Walking in Old Town, I hear screams of a woman. I go towards the yelling and see a man grabbing a woman, saying "No, get back here."

This is in broad daylight near the 3rd and H Eureka bus stop.

People are calmly watching. I am deciding whether I should call 911. Turns out the woman, named Jennifer, has a doctor's appointment at Semper Virens and the male  is trying to get her there. He says this to the concerned crowd gathering.

One spectator yells, "Jerry! Jerry!"

She refuses, runs into the street, starts opening cars at Ray's auto. Keeps saying she wants to go to "SoCal."

I yell, want me to call the cops and she instantly says "no! I have a doctor's appointment."

I said, "Then go see your doctor and stop creating a scene and running around in the middle of traffic ."

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