Jul 30, 2016

NTSB and FAA take over investigation of CAL-ORE plane that crashed yesterday

Update 8/1/2016 :

The victims of the tragic airplane accident have been identified by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office as:

1. Larry Mills age 54.
2. Deborah Kroon age 49.
3. Michelle Tarwater age 30.
4. April Rodriquez age 35.

April Rodriquez was the patient who was being transported to Oakland, California when the accident occurred. The other (3) victims were employees of REACH. All of the victims were from Crescent City, California.

Today, HCSO assisted the NTSB and FAA in the investigation of the CAL-Ore plane that crashed yesterday.

NTSB and FAA arrived today. They have taken over the investigation and will be handling all media inquiries. They will be here until tomorrow. I will have the latest update tomorrow.

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