Jul 28, 2016

Dave Meserve claims that the charging of his son's case was "politically driven" and there is an agenda "to charge people in the marijuana industry."

Five people spoke in support of Kailan Meserve. Two family friends, one of whom is Jim Groeling, the father of Ashleigh Groeling, who has known Kailan Meserve since childhood, considers him like a brother and testified in support of Jane Doe #2.

They mostly spoke about the Kailan Meserve they knew. Jim Groeling made a statement later refuted by Jane Doe #2's cousin. And by Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett.

Amy Meserve, Kailan Meserve's sister and Monica Meserve, Kailan Meserve's wife spoke. Both cried while they spoke. They talked about the man they knew and the pain they and their family is going through. Kailan Meserve's father, Dave Meserve spoke. When these three spoke, Kailan Meserve looked down at the table or and wiped away tears.

Despite claims that Kailan Meserve feels remorse for his behavior, that was not obvious during the trial or after the verdict in his demeanor nor did Kailan Meserve make any such statement.

While Amy Meserve and Monica Meserve expressed disbelief that the Kailan Meserve they knew was capable of violence or rape; Dave Meserve blamed everyone except his son, dismissing what happened as a result of "alcohol and basic stupidity."

Dave Meserve's statement included a comment that he did not mean to minimize rape but he did just that by questioning the life sentence his son would face. He also made absurd claims about an agenda politically driven by the District Atttorney's office to "charge people in the marijuana industry." He made other claims not proven during the trial or testimony.

Full update of statements later...Update, most likely tomorrow. It has been full days in court all week and other news and I am exhausted.


  1. I was a member of the jury. I am glad to know that he will be off the streets for a long time. Only wish it could have been longer than the 19.55 years. That's the law and I can live with the outcome. For ever person in Petroleum who knew about this(Jim Growling and others) and never ounce gave a single thought about helping the victims by calling the sheriff, shame on you. Please stay in Petroleum. No one wants a neighbor the likes of you.

    1. You all were an amazing, dedicated jury.

  2. Thank you juror! It's really good to hear from you, very very appreciated. The scariest perps are the ones who know how to hide their darkness from those close to them. I hope he gets due retrobution in jail.
    I don't know what's going on in Petrolia, just heard about a 16 year old girl there with a 28 year old boyfriend (after he dumped the 15 year old he was dating) and the mom is ok with the relationship. The boyfriend of course buys many expensive gifts for the family. Isn't it statuatory rape even if the parents don't care????

  3. It's called "enabling," Dave Meserve.

  4. Shame on you Jim Groeling. Shame on YOU! You sold your daughter and her friend out for weed money. What is wrong with you??? How is your daughter the only one who knew to do the right thing?? Like seriously?