Aug 6, 2016

HCSO detectives are currently investigating a shooting in Pine Hill

HCSO is investigating a shooting on Pine Hill. Detectives are on the scene.

Lt. Wayne Hanson just confirmed the gunshot victim transported to St. Joe's below is from this alleged crime scene.

Withholding address and possible identity of victim or people involved for now. Detectives don't need a crowd. Also, out of respect because family and friends don't need to find out via media. And, they are investigating so any details right now could compromise the investigation.

Press Release:

On 08/06/16 at about 5:40 pm, Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 4300 block of Crestview Dr. in Eureka for a report of a possible self-inflicted gunshot victim. Upon their arrival, deputies located a male subject suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was located lying next to a black colored four door Toyota Tacoma pick-up, which he is believed to be associated with. The victim was transported by ambulance to a local area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Due to the suspicious nature of the shooting, HCSO Detectives responded to the scene and are investigating this matter. The victim's identity is being withheld at this time pending the on-going investigation.

Hat tip to Kym Kemp who first reported that a "gunshot victim was rushed to St. Joseph hospital with serious trauma from the outskirts of Eureka about 5:45 p.m."

I spoke to Lt. Hanson, just a few minutes later and learned about the Pine Hill shooting and that this was  connected to the alleged victim.

The link below has photos of the alleged crime scene.

Stop by and congratulate Old Town's latest business at their grand opening during Arts Alive

Family members and friends at the Grand opening of Sanders Grooming and Lounge today. They are open for Arts Alive.

Stop by say hi and tell them you saw it here on John Chiv's blog.

River Life Foundation called in to clean three homeless encampments; one exiting to Fortuna High School

A reader of my blog, who lives in Fortuna and near this area, alerted me to the following information and sent me these photos:

"Fortuna Homeless set up shop in a new location directly behind the Fortuna Firehouse and Ace Hardware off Fortuna Blvd. The encampment exits to Fortuna High school and is bordered by Strongs Creek. Saturday noon, River Life Foundation had to be called to clean up the immense waste produced by the three seperate large gatherings of homeless."

I just spoke with Sean from River Life Foundation and he said, the clean up was complete.

Two men arrested for Patriot gas,station robbery while EPD was en route to answer call; $100,000 bail for both

On 8/05/2016 at about 11:58 PM, officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to the report of a robbery that had just occurred at a Gas Station at the 1700 block of Broadway in Eureka. Officers were advised that two subjects, one armed with a knife, had robbed the station and fled, taking an undisclosed amount of cash, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. The subjects were described as both about 5-5" in height, wearing baseball caps, sweaters and masks.

While enroute to the call, officers observed two subjects entering the alley between California and Pine Street, from 15th Street. Officers ultimately were able to detain the two subjects at an apartment complex at the 1400 block of California Street.

One of the subjects was in possession of a large knife and items consistent with those stolen during the robbery. Both subjects were ultimately taken into custody.

Search warrants were served on two apartments at the complex where the subjects were taken into custody.

As a result of the search warrant services, more stolen items from the robbery were located, along with other items of evidence.

Joseph Duane Pinkard (41 years old of Eureka) was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of robbery, conspiracy to commit a felony and probation violation. Pinkard is being held on a $100,000 bail

David Benjamin Flippen (39 years old of Eureka) was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony. Flippen is also being held on a $100,000 bail.

Probable Cause was developed connecting several of the recent Gas Station robberies to Flippen and additional charges of robbery are anticipated.  

EPD on their way to check out alleged armed robbery at the Patriot on Broadway

According to Operation Safe Streets, about 20 minutes ago:

Eureka Police are enroute to Patriot on Broadway for a robbery that just occurred.   Suspects were reportedly armed with a knife.

Aug 5, 2016

Captain Watson: "Eureka has the honor of being the second city in the U.S. to be designated by Congress as an official Coast Guard City "

Eureka Police Department's Captain Steve Watson, who is at the Memorial Service honoring local Coast Guard members tweeted:

Eureka has the honor of being the second city in the U.S. to be designated by Congress as an official Coast Guard City (there are only 16).

No bail for man arrested for alleged assault and battery on a deputy

On 08-04-2016 at approximately 9:24 P.M. Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office contacted Jesus Herrera in the 100 block of Feedlot Lane in Ukiah, California.

Herrera, who matched the description of a male subject sought for questioning regarding a domestic dispute, also appeared to be intoxicated and walking in the middle of the street.

Once contacted by a Deputy, Herrera became violent and attacked the Deputy by charging at him and pushing him backwards. Herrera then punched the Deputy with a closed fist multiple times, all the while trying to escape.

The Deputy fearing for his safety, due to Herrera's violence towards him, deployed his K-9 partner. The Deputy and his K-9 partner were still unable to control Herrera.

Officer's from the Ukiah Police Department arrived on scene and assisted in placing Herrera into handcuffs.

Herrera was placed under arrest for 69 PC (Felony Assault of a Peace Officer), and 243(b) PC (Battery on a Peace Officer).

Herrera was also found to be on Parole out of Mendocino County, resulting in an additional criminal charge for violating his parole.

Herrera was transported to the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be booked and held on a No Bail status.

Kailan Meserve currently housed at San Quentin

On August 3, 2016, Kailan Meserve was admitted into San Quentin.

"It has been alleged, and Marcia Kitchen admitted to me, that she hit Kiya Kitchen with her vehicle."

More details revealed in the domestic restraining order filed by Joseph Kitchen against Marcia Kitchen, which was first reported on this blog on July 22.

Visiting Judge Arvid Johnson granted everything requested by Joe Kitchen in his temporary restraining order, he has no attorney and filed this pro per. Marcia Kitchen's response was filed on her behalf by her attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin.

There are restrictions on Marcia Kitchen traveling with her son without permission and no visitation with her son until the August 17 hearing.

Joe Kitchen expresses concerns that Marcia Kitchen may abscond with their son.

In a request for a stay away order, question # 7, Joe Kitchen states, "It has been alleged, and Marcia Kitchen admitted to me, that she hit Kiya Kitchen with her vehicle."

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Robbery or trimmers taking marijuana in lieu of payment? Alleged victim refuses to contact law enforcement detailed statement

On 08-04-2016 at 4:40 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a citizen, who lived in the 8900 block of Homestead Road, Blocksburg. The citizen reported that he was robbed at gunpoint by a female and male subject on his property. The citizen reported the two suspects took approximately 30 pounds of marijuana from him. The citizen said the suspects drove away from his property in a dodge pickup and he provided a partial license plate number. The citizen reported to law enforcement that he does grow marijuana on his property.

A short time later Two Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies on routine patrol located the possible suspect vehicle near the Alderpoint Bridge, Alderpoint. The deputies detained a female and male, who were in the vehicle. The two subjects told the deputies they were hired as marijuana trimmers by the citizen who lives on Homestead Road. The two subjects said they had not been paid and they agreed to be paid by marijuana in lieu of cash. The two subjects denied robbing the male victim on Homestead Road.

The Sheriff’s Office tried numerous times to contact the victim but he would not return their phone calls. The Sheriff’s Office confiscated the marijuana the two subjects had with them. Both subjects were issued a citation to appear in Superior Court for possession and transportation of marijuana and released on scene. Deputies located an unloaded firearm in the vehicle, which was seized for safe keeping. At this time this case has been suspended because the victim is refusing to contact law enforcement for a detailed statement of the incident.

Criminal proceedings suspended for Thomas Lusk who was charged with alleged torture, rape and forcible copulation

Trial Confirmation was scheduled for August 4 for Thomas Lusk. Instead criminal proceedings suspended because Lusk's attorney declared doubt regarding his mental capacity.

Dr. Ramirez has been ordered to evaluate Lusk.  A report is expected on 8/25.

Jun 26, 2016

Thomas Lusk arraigned for jury trial, 13 counts include torture, human trafficking, forcible rape, sexual penetration, assault and forcible oral copulation

Thomas Lusk was arraigned on 6/23 for the jury trial in the 2016 case against him.

Lusk had another preliminary hearing for the 2015 case and was held to answer on all counts. That case was dismissed after the preliminary hearing.

He was arraigned on the 2016 case  for the following charges.

Count 1 Forcible Rape with two special allegations: Torture;  Using a dangerous or deadly weapon, a screw driver and a broom handle and administering a non-prescribed substance, meth.

Count 2 Forcible Oral Copulation with three special allegations: Personally inflicting great bodily injury; Defendant inflicting great bodily injury and Using a dangerous or deadly weapon, a screw driver and a broom handle and administering a non-prescribed substance, meth.

Count 3 Forcible Oral Copulation with three special allegations: Personally inflicting great bodily injury; Defendant inflicting great bodily injury and Using a dangerous or deadly weapon, a screw driver and a broom handle and administering a non-prescribed substance, meth.

Count 4 Forcible Oral Copulation with three special allegations: Personally inflicting great bodily injury; Defendant inflicting great bodily injury and Using a dangerous or deadly weapon, a screw driver and a broom handle and administering a non-prescribed substance, meth.

Count 5 Human Trafficking with the special allegation: infliction of great bodily injury 

Count 6 Sexual Penetration by a foreign object

Counts 7, 8 and 9 Forcible Oral Copulation

Count 10 Torture

Count 11 Assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury with with the special allegation: infliction of great bodily injury 

Each crime Counts 1-4 and Counts 6-9 involved the same victim on separate occasions.

Count 12 and 13 were added.

Count 12 Human Trafficking

Count 13 Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Offense with a special allegation of a Prior Serious Felony Conviction

Trial Confirmation is on August 4. Jury trial is scheduled for August 15.

Ex assistant court operations manager taken into custody after being sentenced this morning

Visiting Judge Leslie Nichols said, "I think your failure to take accountability was reprehensible because your fellow workers were under suspicion."

He referred to his comments at the last court hearing about "wanting there to be some meaningful punishment."

In a letter from Humboldt Superior Court CEO, Ms. Kim Bartelson she described in detail the effect on innocent citizens. Among the funds taken were funds people used to pay their traffic fines; one person had a warrant issued but fortunately Court Operations was able to find record of the payment.

"I think it is important for the defendant to not just walk out of this courtroom feeling embarassed that this came out," said Deputy District Attorney Nina Elisseou. "People want her to see the four corners of that cell and reflect that many innocent people who fulfilled their obligation to pay their debt" were impacted by her actions.

"It took her well over 8 years to take accountability for this; it was dragged out longer than necessary."

DA Press Release (4:45 p.m.)
District Attorney’s News Release

For Immediate Release

August 5, 2016
District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced today that Socorro Cervantes was sentenced to serve 365 days in jail and, five years of felony probation, and victim restitution of $95,964, for the crime of embezzlement.   The hearing took place today before the Honorable Leslie C. Nichols, a judge from Santa Clara County.
Cervantes committed the crime while she was employed as an Assistant Court Manager at the Humboldt County Superior Court, a position from which she resigned in 2009. In October 2008, at the Humboldt County Superior Court, a cash payment went missing. This prompted internal and criminal investigations into the matter. The investigations showed that payments from defendants in traffic and criminal cases had not been entered into the court’s case management systems. The investigations showed that $95,964 was missing from about 200 cases. Based on the results of these investigations, and overwhelming circumstantial evidence pointing to her guilt, Cervantes was indicted for embezzlement by a grand jury. Cervantes pled guilty to the embezzlement on June 3, 2016.
At sentencing, a representative of the Court Administrative Offices was present, and a victim-impact statement from the Court Executive Officer was read aloud by the prosecution. The defendant submitted a written statement admitting to wrongdoing and apologizing to the Court and to the public.
Immediately following the sentencing, Cervantes was remanded into the custody of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.  The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorneys Nina Elisseou and Christopher Yi, and defended by Attorney Glenn Brown.

"I think your failure to take accountability was reprehensible because your fellow workers were under suspicion"

On Friday, August 5, former assistant court operations manager, Socorro Cervantes was sentenced by Visiting Judge Leslie Nichols this morning.

Besides court staff, four family and friends of Cervantes, I was the only media present for the hearing that lasted over an hour.

The Judge, the District Attorney's Office and Probation Department took into account mental health issues.

Five years supervised probation, restitution of $95, 064 to Humboldt Superior Court and 365 days in jail.

Ms. Cervantes was cuffed and taken into custody in court right now.

Deputy District Attorney  Nina Elisseou
asked both for maximum jail time allowed and that  Cervantes be remanded into custody today.

Judge Nichols summarized the plea, made comments about the probation report and went over all the terms and conditions of probation in detail in open court today.

Armed robbery on Central Avenue in Eureka

On August 4, 2016, at about 5:00 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to a bank on the 2900 block of Central Avenue in Eureka for the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred.  

The bank teller told officers that the suspect brandished a black handgun and demanded money.  The suspect then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect is described as a white male, 25-30 years old, about 5'5", medium build.  He was described as wearing a black baseball hat, gray zip up sweatshirt with California Republic logo, black pants, black sunglasses, and armed with a black handgun.  

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to call Senior Detective Ron Harpham at (707) 441-4305. 

Aug 4, 2016

EPD looking for suspect in alleged armed robbery of Eureka gas station

On August 4, 2016, at about 3:20 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to a gas station on the 2100 block of 4th Street in Eureka for the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred.  

The employee told officers that the suspect brandished a black handgun and demanded money.  The suspect then fled with an undisclosed amount of money.   

The suspect was described as a white male, in his 20's, medium build.  He was described as wearing dark clothing, bandana over his face, and armed with a black handgun.  The suspect is still outstanding.      

Defense motion to dismiss Mario Nunez's case in the Jesus Garcia homicide denied

The defense won one motion to get access to residence, on behalf of Mario Nunez was granted on July 28 but today the defense motion to dismiss Nunez's case was denied by Judge Timothy Cissna after hearing from both attorneys.

Deputy David Christiansen was present for the People. Mr. David Celli was appointed to represent Nunez.

The People had opposed the motion to dismiss.

May 25, 2016

Motion to continue jury trial in Jesus Garcia homicide granted, new jury trial date is August 22

This afternoon trial confirmation was scheduled in Courtroom 5 for all four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide.

Joe Olivio III is represented by Ms private attorney, Ms. Anakalia "Andrea" Kaluna Sullivan, Mario Nunez is represented by Mr. David Celli., private attorney Mr. Michael Acosta represents Nicholas Leigl and private attorney Ms. Christina Allbright represents Joe Olivio, Jr.

A motion to continue the jury trial scheduled for June 6 was filed by Ms. Sullivan.

Mr. Manny Daskal made a special appearance on behalf of Ms. Sullivan today.

New trial date is August 22. Pre-trial is July 26.

Judge Hinrichs granted the motion to continue after hearing from Deputy District Attorney David Christensen and all the defense attorneys. Mr. Celli and Ms. Allbright said discovery was outstanding.

May 23, 2016

Private attorney for one of the suspects in Jesus Garcia homicide requesting a continuance

Trial confirmation is scheduled on May 25 for the four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide.

Anakalia "Andrea" Kaluna Sullivan, Joe Olivio III's private attorney She is a Lake  and Mendocino County criminal defense attorney with offices in Ukiah and Lakeport.

Ms. Sullivan has requested a continuance for Joe Olivio III for the jury trial currently scheduled for June 6.

That motion for continuance is scheduled tomorrow at the same time as trial confirmation for Olivio III and the other three suspects.

Apr 4, 2016

Four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide held to answer on charges, case to proceed to jury trial

The four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide were held to answer all charges and special allegations today by Judge Hinrichs.

The preliminary hearing lasted all of last week and concluded today.

 Arraignment on information for the jury trial is on  April 18 at 2pm in Courtroom 5.

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Court calendar on hold because of fire alarm in jail

So at 8:40, in Courtroom 4 while today's preliminary hearings were being called, no inmates could be transported to court because of a fire alarm in the jail.

First inmate in at 8:45.

Court started at 8:30 a.m.

Aug 3, 2016

Mendocino Sheriff deputies asked to investigate death of Willits man

On 08-01-2016 at 11:55 AM, Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were summoned to a coroner's investigation at a remote address in the 18500 block of Walker Lake Road in Willits, California.

Upon arrival, Deputies found a deceased adult male who was subsequently identified as being Bryan Hammon who resided at the location.

The death was found to be suspicious in nature and Detectives from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Investigative Services Bureau were summoned to the scene.

Detectives were assisted by criminalists from the California Department of Justice in processing the scene to help in determining the cause of Hammon's death.

The investigation is ongoing and an autopsy was conducted on 08-02-2016 but results are pending BA and toxicology analysis.

$100,000 bail, enhanced, for transient suspect in alleged vandalism of coffee business

On 08-03-2016, at about 6:54 AM, an employee of Thanksgiving Coffee Company arrived at the business, located at 19100 S. Harbor Dr., Fort Bragg, and discovered that several vehicle windshields were smashed as well as a large window in the building. The employee called the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office and Deputies responded to investigate the incident.

Deputies found that during the night the windshields of 5 Thanksgiving Coffee Company vehicles had been smashed with rocks, in addition to the window of the building. There is no indication that the suspect attempted to enter the vehicles or the building, only to damage them. The cost to repair the damage is estimated to be in excess of $3000.00.

During the previous week many businesses and individuals within the city limits of Fort Bragg had suffered vandalism during night time hours, some of which was similar to this incident. Fort Bragg Police Officers had developed information that the suspect may be Justin Smith and shared this information with deputies and requested that Smith be detained if located.

A short time later Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies located Smith and detained him. Subsequently, additional evidence linking Smith to the vandalism at the Thanksgiving Coffee Company was discovered and Smith was arrested by Deputies for a violation of 594(b)(1) PC, a felony. A bail enhancement was sought, and granted by the court, increasing Smith's bail to $100,000.00.

$50,000 bail for both Silverio Sanchez and Brook Roll; both charged with alleged posession of meth for sale

Silverio Sanchez was arraigned this afternoon in Courtroom 4. Brook Roll, his co defendant was also arraigned.

In the current case, both are charged with a felony: posession of meth for sale. Sanchez has two other cases of alleged violation of probation. Roll already had three other misdemeanor cases scheduled in the early resolution court.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees was present for the People.

$50,000 bail for both. Public defender appointed for Roll. Conflict Counsel for Sanchez.

Bail/OR hearing is August 5 at 2 p.m and both were referred for a supervised release report. Intervention is August 10. Preliminary hearing is August 16.

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"For me, he will always be a criminal", ex HSU player's case resolves before jury trial.

At 2 p.m. today ex HSU football player Raul Sierra's case was scheduled for arraignment ot resolution.

Raul Sierra got a deferred entry of judgement to Count 1 which is false imprisonment by violence. He plead no contest to an added Count 2, a misdemeanor, Assault.

He did not get additional jail time other than the few days he served as a result of the plea. He has to do counseling for alcohol, sex and consent issues, community service, obey all laws and is on three years of conditional probation.

A criminal protective order is in place and he is to stay away from HSU and the victim in this case. She stated her name in court and also for the preliminary so I am using it in this post and she is fine with that.

Sierra has to pay all fines and restitution to the victim for out of court expenses.

The victim was not happy with the plea but agreed to it but understood the reasons why.

 She made a statement to the court after the plea was accepted.

Ms. Rigmor Soerensen said, "I do believe people can change but not right away. I hope Mr. Sierra will."

She cried as she spoke. She said she wants to use her experience to help other peopole and "become an attorney like Brie."

She said no one can understand how it feels,and it is like "your body being killed and the killer being out there"

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett prosecuted the case. Mr. Beorn Zepp and Mr. Manny Daskal represented Sierra.

February 5, 2018 is the date of the completion of the deferred entry of judgement.

Jul 27, 2016

Ex HSU football player Raul Siera's alleged rape case may resolve , arraignment put over a week

Raul Sierra was scheduled to be arraigned in Courtroom 5 this afternoon. There was no complaint filed in the computer.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett said that  "we are close to a resolution" and asked that arraignment be postponed and defense agreed, asked for a week.

Arraignment is now scheduled for August 3 at 2 p.m.

Sierra waived time for his arraignment.

Preliminary hearing post:

Nick Johnson who shot at DA Investigators held to answer on all charges

Nicholas Johnson who shot at DA investigators in a standoff was held to answer to all charges this morning after a preliminary hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees is the prosecutor.

Mr. Neal Sanders was appointed to represent Johnson.

Dan Reynolds testified and HCSO Detective Greg Musson testified. Lot of the information was the same as co-defendant Jonas Semore's case.

Count 1 Murder with special allegation , use of a deadly weapon, a bat.

Arraignment on information for jury trial is August 16.

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Jason Singleton's in town today, in court, why?

I'd tell you but the public computers have been down all morning due to a security update.

Casually dressed, not in a suit, he is chatting with a client on the second floor.

Tech is working on it. Computers havd been down all day.

I am covering another courtroom but I sat in on Singleton's hearing for a bit.

The case involves 601 I street and tenants and the parking lot.

Visiting Judge Leonard Casse is the Judge for Singleton's hearing.

Singleton is questioning a witness. He is the defendant pro per. Two plaintiffs, RUI and Ruth Zamora have the dismissals listed. Only plaintiff left is Elnora Mae.

Will update more later.

City of Eureka-Humboldt County launches campaign to house 30 homeless in 60 days

The City of Eureka and County of Humboldt are launching a campaign that’s goal is to house 30 homeless people in 60 days.
“We’ve been working on this for quite a few months,” said Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks. “We’re very excited to continue to partner with the county to help reduce the barriers for people who need housing.”

Aug 2, 2016

Joshua Rau and Jeremi Miller arrested today; various items of alleged stolen property and drug paraphernelia recovered



On 07-20-16 Deputies responded to a residential burglary on Timmons Lane in Fieldbrook.  Through continued investigation and follow up, Joshua Rau (35 years old) was identified as a suspect.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for Rau’s residence, located in the 1100 block of Everding Street, Eureka.  On 08-02-16 Deputies served the search warrant on the residence, and arrested Rau. During the service of the warrant, Jeremi Miller (31 years old) was apprehended while attempting to flee from the rear of the residence.  Miller had a warrant for the possession of stolen property.

Where does Allen McCloskey live? According to the Humboldt County Elections Office, he is still registered in Ward 1

Allen McCloskey, who has taken out papers to run for Eureka City Council Ward 4 is still registered in Ward 1 or Ward 5?

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright to be arraigned on attempted murder, assault with a semi automatic firearm and shooting at an inhabitated dwelling



The Arcata Police Department sent their report to the District Attorney's office this morning, Sgt. Todd Dokweiler told me.

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright needed to be arraigned by today or they would have been released from custody, according to Penal Code 825.

They were arraigned today on the following charges:

Count 1: attempted, willful deliberate, premeditated murder with a special allegation that they "personally used firearms"; rifles, causing this to be a serious and violent felony.

Count 2 assault with a semi-automatic firearm, also a felony.

Count 3 Shooting at an inhabited dwelling. If they are convicted of this charge, there is minimal jail time.

The special allegation in Count 3 only applies to Heidmann, that he wore a body vest in the commission of the offense alleged in Count 3.

Alleged victim is Daniel Anthony Siegl.

Deputy District Attorney prosecuting the case. Bail was $1 million for each. Public Defender Casey Russo appointed for Heidmann. Mr. Kaleb Cockrum appointed for Wright.

Intervention August 11. Preliminary hearing is August 15.

Instead of resolution, second John Bullwinkel jury trial to proceed; he is charged with five counts of sexual offenses against a minor

A change of plea was scheduled for John Bullwinkel July 27 in Courtroom 1 at 4 p.m.

Mr. Russ Clanton, who represents Bullwinkel, told Judge John Feeney, "there were negotiations and we had anticipated a resolution. After speaking with his family, we are going to trial."

Defense requested that the jury trial of August 15 be continued to August 22, since Mr. Clanton had another matter in federal court.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett said that she needed to notify the victims in the case to confirm if the new date was okay with them.

Judge Feeney granted the defense motion.

Jul 19, 2016

After a few losses in a row of high profile cases with charges of sexual assault and abuse, a possible plea deal in yet another case by Russ Clanton does not surprise me

After a few losses in a row of high profile cases by Mr. Russ Clanton, particularly Timothy Littlefield and Kailan Meserve to Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett, a change of plea in the John Bullwinkel case does not surprise me.

The plea deal is not a done deal yet.

The twists and turns of this case and changes in dates. A trial confirmation hearing was held yesterday in Courtroom 5 at 2 p.m. for John Bullwinkel.

There is a change of plea now scheduled for July 27. There are also dates for a trial assignment  on August 12 and jury trial still scheduled for August 15.

Aug 1, 2016

"This legislation builds on a program Governor Schwarzenegger started in 2006, most of us found out about it in 2016, we cannot afford to keep waiting around for Caltrans or anyone else. "

Today Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) presented his proposed “Broadband Map Act” in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Assemblyman Wood said, “This legislation builds on a program Governor Schwarzenegger started in 2006, most of us found out about it in 2016, we cannot afford to keep waiting around for Caltrans or anyone else.  Let’s get the cables in the ground and give our communities a chance to compete in the 21st Century.”

AB 1549 takes three big steps towards closing rural California’s digital divide.

First, the bill would require Caltrans to notify broadband providers whenever they are planning roadwork that is capable of housing conduit for fiber cables.  By allowing providers to piggyback on the already scheduled construction, fiber networks can be expanded for pennies on the dollar. 

Second, if no broadband provider is willing to install the conduits where a trench is open and available, AB 1549 would require Caltrans to install their own conduit for future use. 

Finally, AB 1549 requires the state to maintain a central database mapping where fiber networks currently exist.  This database will be an invaluable tool for future planning and expansion.

“The deployment and expansion of modern telecommunication networks is a priority for RCRC member counties, yet modern communications systems are either non-existent, unreliable, or cost-prohibitive in rural and remote areas,” said Paul A. Smith, Senior Legislative Advocate for the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC).  “RCRC thanks Assembly Member Wood for his leadership on AB 1549, which would help expedite the rollout of broadband technology, and more efficiently seize opportunities for deployment.”

AB 1549 was moved to the Suspense File where all bills costing the State more than $50,000 will be voted on during the week of August 12th.

Will criminal charges be filed in death due to drug overdose at KutThroat Barber Lounge which remains closed

No one has reported has on this; I have been doing follow up on a regular basis. I spoke with HCSO Coroner Mr. Ernie Stewart,  a few minutes ago.

He confirmed that Quinton McKenzie, the deceased, died from a drug overdose and the remains were released to family.

I had previously called EPD and inquired about this case. I just followed up again to see if any criminal charges will be filed.

Waiting to hear back from EPD.

Captain StevecWatson confirmed the arrest for Blair. EPD's only involvement was responding to a call regarding a man causing a disturbance in the alley. McKenzie was a medical call.

To add to the tragedy of her death, now Kiya Kitchen's remains have not been released to family due to both parents not being able to agree on who the remains should be released to

I just spoke with HCSO Coroner Lt. Ernie Stewart. I was following a tip. To add to the tragedy of the Fortuna hit and run case, the remains of Kiya Kitchen have not been released.


They are at Global Mortuary. "Both mom and dad state they want the remains," said Lt. Stewart. "If family members cannot agree, then it becomes a civil matter."

I also spoke with the owner of Global Mortuary, Brian. He confirmed that Kiya Kitchen's remains are still there. He is waiting to hear from the parents, he said, and he confirmed what the Coroner said.

So, now in addition to the Court granting a temporary restraining order that Joe Kitchen filed for against Marcia Kitchen, and a future hearing on 8/17; this issue looms large. Marcia Kitchen cannot even agree to release her daughter's remains?

Marcia Kitchen has not turned herself in; both CHP and her lawyers have said they will not comment anymore until the investigation is complete.

Ukiah man charged with false imprisonment and domestic violence after victim claims he covered her mouth and threatened her

On 07-28-2016 at approximately 10:20 PM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a possible domestic violence dispute in the area of Cox-Schrader Road and Highway 101 in Ukiah, California.

Once at the location Deputies contacted an Adult Female who stated she had been involved in a physical altercation with her boyfriend, Oscar Silva Hernandez next to their vehicles on Cox-Schrader Road.

During the physical altercation Silva Hernandez grabbed a hold of the Adult Female, covered her mouth, so she could not scream, and then proceeded to punch the Adult Female multiple times in the lower back area.

During this altercation the Adult Female tried running away from Silva Hernandez multiple times, but Silva Hernandez each time caught up to the Adult Female and dragged her back to their vehicles.

Silva Hernandez also showed the Adult Female a hand gun and advised her if she yelled for help he would kill her.

The Adult Female was able to free herself and run towards a vehicle, which was parked on Highway 101, next to where their vehicles were located. As the Adult Female got closer to the vehicle Silva Hernandez went back to his vehicle and left the area.

The Adult Female had injuries to her knee's from falling during her altercation, and her clothing was covered in debris and dirt.

During this investigation Deputies were able to locate Silva Hernandez and placed him under arrest for the listed violations, but no handgun was recovered.

Silva Hernandez was transported to the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $100,000.00 bail.

Man arrested for alleged domestic violence after wife accuses him of punching her in the face

On 07-27-2016 at approximately 7:38 PM Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to investigate a domestic violence dispute.

Deputies, once on scene, contacted a 30 year-old female in the 2000 block of Sanford Ranch Road in Talmage, California.

Deputies learned on 07-27-2016 at approximately 5:30 PM the 30 year-old female was physically assaulted by her husband, Charles Schlapkohl.

During the altercation Schlapkohl punched the 30 year-old female in the face, just above her mouth, causing redness and swelling. The 30 year-old female had injuries consistent with the reported physical assault.

During the investigation Deputies contacted Schlapkohl and placed him under arrest for 273.5 PC [Felony Domestic Violence Battery].

Schlapkohl was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.

Man trying to help a woman gets assaulted, allegedly by the man arguing with her

On 07-27-2016 at approximately 12:50 A.M., Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the Howard Memorial Hospital (1 Marcela Drive in Willits, CA) for an assault victim being treated in the Emergency Room.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Deputies spoke with a 40 year-old male from Modesto, California who was visiting his family in the Brooktrails area. Deputies learned that the incident occurred at a residence in the 26000 block of Maize Drive in Willits, California.

The assault occurred when the 40 year-old male entered a bedroom and saw Bryan Stencil involved in an argument with a female at the location. The male subject attempted to intervene in the situation and was punched in the face by Stencil. The 40 year-old male had significant injuries to his face that required medical treatment at the hospital. Deputies searched the Brooktrails area for Stencil with negative results.

On 07-28-2016 at approximately 12:50 A.M., Deputies were called back to the residence on Maize Drive because Stencil had reportedly returned to the home. Deputies responded to the residence, contacted Stencil outside, and placed him under arrest for 243(d) PC [Battery with Serious Bodily Injury].

Stencil was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $30,000.00 bail.

Siverio Sanchez arrested this weekend cousin with same name

The Silverio Sanchez arrested in Fortuna this weekend is not the one sought by U. S. fugitives but his cousin with the same name. He plead out two years ago.

May 2, 2014

Silverio Sanchez court hearing this afternoon; the cousin of the fugitive Sanchez

This afternoon Silverio Sanchez was scheduled for a court hearing  at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4.  Same name but not the guy undone by the canine. Same family, same name even the middle and they are cousins.

Sanchez #2 has been in jail for 10 days. There is one case with a criminal protective order; it is a felony with the charge being assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm. That case was scheduled for Intervention today and result was from a complaint filed on April 25, 2014.

The other case was on for Pre Trial conference for a misdemeanor traffic case. Charge was showing false ID to a police officer.

Jul 31, 2016

Fire near the Bayshore Mall seems to be in the vicinity of Palco Marsh area

Kym Kemp first reported that there is a fire north of the Bayshore Mall. Other media outlets and scanner traffic confirm brush fire near the Palco Marsh area.

From the photo on Kym's site, that was my first thought, " it looks like the area where the Palco Marsh campers were removed."

A friend reports smoke by his place.

If there is a press release, I will update.

People lined up waiting outside to go in for Kiya Kitchen's celebration of life

Hundreds show up to honor the memory and celebration of life for Kiya Kitchen.

The memorial will probably start a few minutes later than 1:30 p.m because people are lined up outside waiting to go in.

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Two arrested during probation search at Fortuna motel, arrested for alleged posession of meth

On July 31, 2016 at approximately 0230 hours, Officers with the Fortuna Police Department conducted a probation search on a motel room located in the 800 Block of Main Street. During the search of the motel room, officer located 10.5 grams of methamphetamine packaged in small quantities for sale as well as other items related to the sale of controlled substances. Stored with the methamphetamine, officer also located a pellet gun with its orange tip removed to resemble a real firearm.
As a result, officers arrested Silverio Sanchez (age 22 of Fortuna, CA) and Brook Roll (age 43 of Fortuna, CA).
After the arrest, an additional 96.67 grams of methamphetamine was located concealed in Sanchez’s groin area.
As a result Silverio Sanchez was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges.
• Possession of a Controlled Substance For Sale
• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia• Violation of Probation
Brook Roll was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:
• Possession of a Controlled Substance• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

HCSO looking for suspect in Mckinleyville Shell gas station robbery

On Sunday,  July 31, 2016 at about 00:10  a.m. Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to the Shell gas station at 1606 Central Ave. in Mckinleyville for a robbery just occurred.  A suspect wearing a black hoodie, mask and carrying a black backpack entered the Shell, brandished a firearm and demanded cash.  He fled with an undisclosed amount of money and property.  The suspect entered a dark colored Chevy Blazer and fled in the direction of Blue Lake.  The vehicle was located heading Eastbound on Hwy. 299 near Blue Lake and a pursuit was initiated when the vehicle failed to yield.  The pursuit continued over 299 to Hwy. 96.  CHP joined the pursuit and later terminated their involvement near Hoopa.  The vehicle was located by deputies in Hoopa a short time later, where two female occupants were detained for investigation prior to being released.  The suspect fled on foot into a heavily wooded area and was not located.

Suspect is described as a White, Hispanic or Native American male adult, approx. 30 years old, 5'09"-6'00" tall with a thin build and dark hair.