Apr 12, 2017

Will Humboldt jail inmates be " inspired"by their fellow inmates in Ohio to use their tablets and I am not talking about educational skills

Will Humboldt jail inmates who get tablets  be "inspired" by their fellow inmates in Ohio.

Humboldt inmates can claim they were learning to fix computers.



Inmates at a medium-security Ohio prison secretly assembled two functioning computers, hid them in the ceiling, and connected them to the Marion Correctional Institution's network. The hard drives were loaded with pornography, a Windows proxy server, VPN, VOIP and anti-virus software, the Tor browser, password hacking and e-mail spamming tools, and the open source packet analyzer Wireshark.


  1. why cant inmates have porn... mellow those boys out

  2. bad idea. Why are we listening to the sociologists and shrinks? You supposed to "hate" jail!!! No perks. Show "soylent green" on tv nonstop.