Apr 20, 2017

Marci Kitchen's preliminary confirmed for May 8; five full days

An intervention hearing was scheduled this morning for Marci Kitchen.

Count 1 Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence; Jane Doe # 1 and Jane Doe #2 with special allegation that she fled the scene and a second special allegation that she caused great bodily injury to Jane Doe #2.

Count 2 Driving Under the Influence of an alcoholic beverage causing injury with special allegation of great bodily injury to Jane Doe #1. It is alleged in the complaint filed that the brain injury caused Jane Doe #1 to become comatose and suffer paralysis. Second special allegation that is alleged is that Kitchen caused great bodily injury or death to Jane Doe #2

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 8. That date was confirmed this morning

Five full day estimate. Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal was present for the People. Mr. Ben Okin was in court for Marci Kitchen.


  1. Sadly she gets a "fair" trial.....Faith and Kiya sure didn't receive one!!! I pray Marci Kitchen is sent to prison and tortured everyday single day for the rest of her life. In this case I am for suicide.....Marci Kitchen should eliminate herself from this world and do us all a favor. I realize this sounds very cold hearted but it pales compared to her actions.

  2. John will the public be allowed at the prelim hearing?

    1. Should be. I have not seen any request, yet, for a closed courtroom.