Apr 12, 2017

Even the pouring rain keeps EPD busy with calls, few on Broadway right now

One call EPD at scene. Injury, traffic collision, Broadway and West Harris, Dodge truck, medical aid requested.

Another EPD call. Person blocking two traffic lanes near Taco Bell on Broadway.

Tow truck for Honda Civic, major front end damage.

Not listing all calls, at least two more came inwhile typing this post, mostly on or near Broadway.

Kudos to the dispatchers, it has been non stop.


  1. EPD is hero, so are you john fo r showing them in good light

    1. They deserve it as does Humboldt Bay Fire. We have pretty decent law enforcement here, HCSO, APD but I just know EPD better.

    2. from the bottom of the heart, we all thank you john. we know we can trust you thru think and tihn.