Apr 15, 2017

"They say they are fighting for the little guy while they set up a 50-acre farm'

(Photo credit: Jim Wilson/New York Times)

Maximillian Mikalonis, a former legislative aide in Sacramento who helped write California’s medical cannabis regulations, said lawmakers must decide in the coming weeks whether to curb the move toward industrialization.

“It is a critical moment, a defining moment for the future of the industry in California,” Mr. Mikalonis said.
The choice, he said, is between a “marketplace for small and boutique operators who have been doing this for generations — or domination by the forces of agribusiness.”


  1. good arcticle john

  2. “We are watching the industrialization of commercial cannabis,” said Tawnie Logan, chairwoman of the board of the California Growers Association, an organization that lobbies for cottage growers’ access to the market. “For them, the name of the game is the profit margin.”

    And the people who have been growing for years didn't care about profits?