Apr 13, 2017

A 911 report filed by Redwood Coast Regional employee after an alleged intercation in Snug alley

According to a Eureka Main Street email:

"There was an incident today involving an employee of Redwood Coast Regional Center. Around 8:45 a.m., a staff person was in Snug Alley behind our building with her husband having a cigarette.  During this time, a woman – Caucasian,with frizzy reddish hair, no teeth, grey jacket, medium to heavy build, approached her and reached for the staff's wallet.  Staff reportedly moved away from the woman.  As a result, the woman walked away.  A few moments later, the woman approached her again and asked for a cigarette. The woman opened her jacket to show a knife.  Staff gave the woman a cigarette and again the woman walked away. Staff's husband walked her back into the RCRC office building.

Staff called 911 and filed a report."

EMS Executive Director Charlotte McDonald advised local residents and businesses to call 911 if they are threatened and provided them with contact information for EPD officer Cory Crnich.


  1. Get a CCW as fast as you can.Get pepper spray and carry it with you every where you go. The answer to anon--- is "No were not safe anymore"