Apr 13, 2017

DA files motion requesting Kade Chandler be remanded into custody

Today on April 13, KadevChandler was arraigned and he plead not guilty to all charges.

There is an OR/Bail hearing scheduled on April 25. The District Attorney's office has filed a motion requesting that Chandler be remanded into custody.

Trial confirmation is scheduled for September 7. Jury trial is scheduled for October 16.

For charges and information on the case:  http://johnchiv.blogspot.com/2017/04/kade-chandler-charged-with-3-counts-3.html?m=1


  1. Ya know, I would almost feel sorry for Kade but, after seeing all of his parting shortly after killing these two young girls and posting the partying pics all over FaceBook I think he is an idiot. And then to be dating someone new a few short months after killing his girlfriend also makes him look like a D-Bag! He just never seems to play the part of a guy in mourning....NEVER! RIP Kendra & Sav

  2. Looking forward to your posting tomorrow as to whether Kade was remanded to custody or not....thanks for all your updates John you are the best we have around!

  3. Was he ever taken into custody?