Apr 26, 2017

John Ford Insurance Agency being sued in small claims court by Matthew Engel

Today at 1:30 pm in Courtroom Eight, the John Ford Insurance Agency being sued by Matthew Engel for a claim of $2,000, plus $50 amount (computer lists receipt not found).

The civil clerk could not provide any more details on what the small claims case was about nor is there any detailed information on the court computer.

In January 2017,  in another case, Humboldt Redwood Healing represented by Mr. Paul Gallegos, accused Ford, of embezzlement and breach of contract. They claimed monies paid to Ford for policies were not used for that purpose. There has been no case filed for this alleged claim, checked both court computers and with the civil clerk today.

 Per his attorney's advice,  Ford is not commenting on pending litigation.

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  1. I hope all the other people he screwed sue him too!!! Is he still in business?