Apr 19, 2017

DA complaint charges Kyle Zoellner with murder and special allegation of using a knife

Private attorney Mr. Greg Rael had been talking with the suspect's family but the Public Defender got appointed to the case today.

There was a brief interaction outside the courtroom between a lady in a grey suit, and one of the family/supporters there for the alleged victim, David "DJ" Lawson.

Humboldt County District Attorney DA Maggie Fleming was present for the arraignment. Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield was appointed for Zoellner.

Zoellner plead not guilty and denied the special allegation. Mr. Brownfield asked dates be set, for now, "on a not time waived basis."

Intervention is April 27. Preliminary is May 1st.

Most local media was present in court; North Coast News, KIEM, Times-Standard, Lost Coast Outpost, KMUD and Mad River Union.


  1. do you usually scoop all the other media like this john chiv?

  2. Nice work, actually going to the courthouse regularly is turning out to be a good journalistic practice! This should be interesting, self-defense is clearly going to be an issue. As with most criminal cases, it isn't what he did, it's what he was thinking when he did it. This is probably not going to be an easy case for the DA.