Apr 25, 2017

101 closed again; City Ambulances stuck on both sides with a patient in one

(Photo -CalTrans)

101 at Horseshoe Slide just had another major slide. It is closed, according to Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

CalTrans posting did not specify exact location, just said same place that reopened after the last side.

Just spoke with City Ambulance Chief Operating Officer Jaison Chand.

City Ambulance has ambulances stuck on both sides needing to get to the other side. One ambulance with a patient on a board.

Mr. Chand said, "We will be backtracking to go the long way."

County of Humboldt is advising people not to use local roads; instead use Hwys 299, 36 or 20 as detours.


  1. There are no other routes than 299, 36, and 20. What is your suggestion?

  2. Oops! Lol thanks Mary Alice and Bones, fixed it. I don't like when the internet burps and prints half my sentence.