Apr 28, 2017

Humboldt County has $80,000 to waste on useless probation training but crumbling roads and potholes are okay?

According to a KIEM article on their site, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved $80,000 in grant funding for special trainings for Probation officers.

How much are the other counties that will be benefitting chipping in?

Probation is a failure in Humboldt; very few successes for the money they get. I have said that over and over again. Anyone, who pays attention to local news does not need me to tell them this fact. You cannot modify behavior when someone does not want to change.

Just some posts on probation "successes":




These funds are a result of Moonbeam releasing criminals into California, misleading voters and stupid voters passing laws like Prop 47 and 57 and AB 109 and providing grants that flush away tax payer money.

Instead of wasting that money on probation, how about fixing our roads, Moonbeam and state Democrats? How about giving this money to police or correctional deputies? At least, that is public safety not some namby pamby California touchy feel good training. Probation officers should know what this training is for as a part of their job.

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  1. Probation is a waste of time. Nothing is ever done to help keep first offenders from getting into more trouble, or help them to straighten their life. Seems like none of the PO's care what happens with the people they are supposed to be supervising. I know this first hand, as I have asked many times for a family members PO to check on him, as the courts said it would be, but am brushed off. This family member is headed down a a horrible path, and the PO doesn't seem to care. If the PO did their job, and actually followed the courts ruling on checking up on this family member, he would have less of a chance to be put in this situation. But instead of a bi weekly check, there is a once ever 3 months check. What a failed system.