Apr 27, 2017

"It's not okay for another man to put his dick into my wife" graphic testimony of call in Jon Goldberg case

In the afternoon session, Rachel Goldberg's friend, Frieda Smith testified about a phone call that Rachel Goldberg received from
rom Jon Goldberg on September 26, 2016.

According to Smith, the caller ID showed the phone number of  Jon Goldberg's friend "Chad". When Rachel Goldberg answered, "I could hear Jon yelling," Smith testified. "He was very upset. I heard him say, I know you are with Frieda. What did you do kidnap my son?"

"It is not okay for another man to put his dick into my wife," is what Frieda Smith said she heard.

Smith's testimony included descriptions of an emotional and upset Rachel Goldberg ducking in her Dodge Durango as their paths crossed Jon Goldberg near Restaurant 36.

Smith said she saw bruises on Rachel Goldberg previously and rhat during the course of the day, Rachel Goldberg described how Jon Goldberg reacted to his friend and wife having an affair.

Frieda Smith said,Rachel Goldberg told her as they were leaving the the Fortuna Police Department after being interviewed not to tell anyone or repeat certain statements. This included Rachel Goldberg saying that  Jon Goldberg had "fired rounds around her that morning."

Frieda Smith gave very detailed descriptions and a timeline of the day's events. When they were in Fortuna later that day and heard ambulances and sirens, Frieda Smith said, "Rachel was very concerned about seeing Tim again. Rachel thought she was never going to see Tim again."

Smith described Rachel Goldberg's reaction when she heard there had been a "people accident" observing a roadblock near her alleged lover Tim Smith's house.

Frieda Smith said that Rachel Goldberg read her some of the texts sent to her the previous night by Tim Smith's wife, Jessica which included derogatory comments about her (Rachel Goldberg) being a bitch."

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