Apr 17, 2017

Sheriff Tom Allman shares a positive story of a homeless veteran, lunch, and a man who turned his life around

"Here is a cool story. I am currently in Atlanta at an Opioid/Heroin Summit. This is my third time at this conference. Two years ago, I was approached by a homeless veteran, asking for cash. Instead of cash, I invited him to lunch and we discussed his options in life. He did not smell good and his clothes were not clean.

So, fast forward to today (4/17/17) , I'm walking down Peachtree Blvd in Atlanta and this guy asks me if I wanted to listen to his rap cd. He looks at me and smiles and says "Sheriff Tom". It's the same guy,Keith, who was  now wearing clean clothes and he didn't stink. He has been clean and sober for 2+ years.

I'm taking him to lunch tomorrow.  I'm really happy that our paths crossed again. I'll get a great photo of us at lunch."

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