Apr 29, 2017

Probationers who violate supervision three times would be jailed if AB 1408 passes

AB 1408 introduced by Assemblyman Ian Calderon has gone through three amendments, most recent one in April.
The death of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer in February is what led to Assemblyman Calderon's introduction of this bill.

If the bill becomes law, probationers who violate their terms of supervision three times would be jailed.

The State Board of Parole would be required to consider the entire criminal history of an inmate, not just the most recent offense, before considering release from prison.

Mandatory revocation hearings would be required for post release community supersion violations.

For detailed info and text of bill:



  1. Maybe people who have complained about the probation revolving door need to let Assemblyman Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire know you support the bill. The legislature is not going to think about getting tough on crime again of we don't ask them to. You can call their office or go to their website and leave a message online. I read someplace that phone calls are the best way.

  2. i know of a young woman who reported to her po after being driven there by 2 known (to the police) junkies. she was drunk as hell and noddin' from drugs.

    she was in there 15 mins and back out again, driven home by 2 known junkies...

    ya, they need to enforce and do follow up on their probationers. they need to enforce court orders such as "stay away from drug dealers and used" "not use drugs or alcohol" "not go to places where they sell drugs".

    i've seen this happen all the time, i live in a are with many probationers and parolees. some are scary, and most of the people who come around them are even scarier.

    thanks john...