Apr 28, 2017

Why do defense continuances for David Viveiros, in custody, a 2015 case, with charges of sodomy, oral copulation and aggravated assault of a minor keep being granted despite DA's objections?

David Viveiros, had a court hearing scheduled yesterday at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 5. Once again, the defense requested a continuance for the jury trial. The DA opposed that request.

Viveiros is charged with sex/sodomy, oral copulation/penetration and aggravated assault of a minor.

No decision was made on this last continuance, yet. The hearing for the  motion was continued to May 7

This is a 2015 case. The defendant is in custody. The defense has requested several continuances. Public Defender has been representing Viveiros. I have been the only one following this case.

Trial confirmation is set for May 10. Jury trial for May 22.

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