Apr 22, 2017

Jason Arreaga, acquitted for double homicide in Humboldt, in Lake County jail on alleged attempted murder charge with Shavonne Hammers's boyfriend's son, both at the same jail

Jason Arreaga, who was acquitted in February 2016 of  double homicide charges in Humboldt County for the murders of Harley Hammers and Angel Tully ended up  back in custody in July 2016 in Lake County.

Harley Hammers' mother who contacted me yesterday told me Arreaga is in custody at the Lake County jail with Andrew Azbill, Shavonne Hammer's boyfriend's son.  Arreaga was arrested last year for attempted murder and other charges.

If you followed the Arreaga jury trial, you will remember Shavonne Hammers, Harley Hammers ex, who was the reason for Arreaga being in Humboldt County at the time, Harley Hamners and Tully were killed.

Listed below are three links. One for Arreaga with the arrest record from 2016 with the attempted murder and other charges. Another a case number for Arreaga from April 14, 2017 Lake County Superior Court.

And the third for Andrew Azbill, with his arrest record. There is also a different case number for Andrew Azbill in Lake County Superior Court, which I did not link to in this post. Azbill was not arrested at the same time as Arreaga.

I got to know the Hammers and Tully families during the trial and as in many cases, the families of victims and defendants still keep in touch with me.

Apr 14, 2017 - Superior Court of California, County of Lake. Posting Calendar - By ..... People vs. Jason Michael Arreaga. CR943789.

On 7/18/2016, he was booked and arrested in the following charges, which includes attempted murder:




  1. The trial is set to begin with jury selection Wednesday, 4-26-17. He's a piece of work.

  2. Chiv, FYI Arreaga was acquitted of attempted murder but convicted of carjacking, robbery, battery with serious bodily injury, and auto theft. You can call the Lake County DA at 707-263-2251 for more information. The case was prosecuted by a DA named Rachel.