Apr 12, 2017

NCJ Greg Elvine Kreis's and deputy PD's PR machine or local media supposed to report?

(Greg Elvine-Kreis)

North Coast Journal should rename itself the Deputy Public Defender PR machine. Their reporting on the new Public Defender hiring process has been one sided.

While he was at Times-Standard, Thad was Paul Gallegos' favorite; now the Deputy Public Defenders have enlisted Thad's help. Not the first time either. Written about that not rehashing it again. These "scoops" that NCJ is getting on David Marcus would be one thing if that information was sent out to other media. It isn't. So, who is feeding NCJ information and why?
NCJ that usually is weeks behind reporting court stories ( that appear elsewhere) just published a female employee's alleged account , of course painting Mr. Marcus in a bad light.

NCJ does not even bother to show up in court, less than a handful in the last two years, they dont stay for the length and when they do, make errors in reporting like the Gary Lee Bullock jury instruction debacle, so what does NCJ know about how court operates?

The EPD and employee, according to NCJ, agreed the incident did not rise to the level of criminal conduct; in fact no threat or verbal abuse was proven, according to the NCJ article. Why is this news? Why even report to EPD? Is EPD now to take reports because someone feels and imagines threats? Do these deputy public defenders have clients and if they cared about them, why do they have time to waste writing letters twice on the same topic and employees going to EPD for non issues? Did they waste this time they should have used talking to a client, instead of minutes before, in court.

Did this deputy public defender file this report during a time, we the taxpayers, pay her salary?

When there is a lawsuit pending, NCJ knows Mr. Marcus wont call them. So it's technically convenient to say they reached out to him.

If NCJ had ethics or any original information, NCJ would have known that in addition to applying for Mr. Marcus' job ( a fact first reported on this blog), Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreis, the main instigator, speaking up at BOS,  has also applied for the judge vacancy. As has former Public Defender Kevin Robinson. Mr. Elvine-Kreis has more than a few "conflicts of interest" in the outcome of this Public Defender hire.

Most of the Public Defenders are not fans of the current DA and are very cliquey. They are pissed they cant have the present administration roll over for them like the past "defense attorney DA" administration.

If the NCJ was reporting, they would do an article on the political motivation behind the PD brouhaha.

The public should know ALL facts of the story.

How does NCJ report on courts when they are hardly ever are at the Courthouse? Mostly it is to get documents from the clerk they regurgitate. Have they observed Mr. Marcus in court or should we just take the word of deputy public defenders, including those pissed they didnt get the job?

Few defense attorneys and public defenders run to NCJ because they know they wont be asked any serious questions. They know I will call them on their BS.

This lawsuit is costing the taxpayers. Why was no effort made to resolve this internally, except for the one outreach made by Mr. Griego? Not once, informally, by the deputy public defenders.


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    1. Never red it and never will! What they said about Rex was NOT COOL!

  2. I wish JOhn was the president of NCJ then we could have a good site