Apr 27, 2017

"She said she could not go back to the school because she had slept with Tim"

Frieda Smith got to know Rachel Goldberg at the Bridgeville school where they both had children attending and Rachel Goldberg volunteered.

Smith testified this morning about a call she received on September 26, 2016. She very clearly remembered it being a Monday.

Smith said Rachel Goldberg, who used to drive the school van, was not at school, the van was not there.

Smith testified that an upset Rachel Goldberg called her saying, "Jon took the keys to the van."

Rachel Goldberg asked her friend to come get her telling Smith she had no tranportation, that Jon Goldberg took the money she had and that "he had been drinking and had guns."

The response in the title is what Smith said Rachel Goldberg told her when they were driving away from the Goldberg property to go back to the school where Smith thought they would be safe.

When Smith drove up, she said Rachel Goldberg had suitcases packed and had her son with her.

Rest of hearing updates later...

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