Mar 5, 2017

Whoever did David Marcus' background check you "got some splainin to do"

Again, County needs to release information on David Marcus' middle initial, but by now the evidence seems to point to only one attorney with that name who practiced in California and Florida.

The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California.
Bar Number:92248
Address:David Marcus
3395 Marbon Meadows Ln
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Map it
Phone Number:(904) 395-1910
Fax Number:Not Available
e-mail:Not Available 
County:Non-CaliforniaUndergraduate School:Western State Univ; CA
District:Outside California
Sections:NoneLaw School:Western State Univ; CA

The  Lassen County links lists the same Bar Number as that provided in the CA bar listing 

There is more but unlike whoever got paid by the County to do a background check, I only have so much unpaid time to pursue this one issue.

There is only question that needs to be answered. Does Mr. Marcus qualify under the Code brought up by Mr. Patrik Griego. If he does, end of discussion.


  1. Funny (not ha-ha) that sometimes silence says more than words; the absence of a response to this post must mean something...that somewhere someone is having an 'oh s--t' moment.
    I wonder if they're trying to arrange a settlement with Marcus since they offered him the job, I'm sure he has a contract...and now he legally can't do the job....
    What is this going to cost the county, and why? Maybe Marcus thought it was a purely administrative job (his resume from the Lassen job said he had a degree in business admin or somesuch) which case I feel very sorry for him.

  2. This is just a quick message to our Sheriff and all the other members of the hiring/screening team whom hired Mr. Marcus. Do you realize this issue is not going away and all of the people on the team that hired this guy have their asses hanging out a mile. Ii don't know if it was a favor or what was going through your minds but this whole mess stinks like crap. Unless you do the right thing this hits pretty hard on all of you from an integrity stand point. If he lied to you get him outta here. Why does it always happen here in Humboldt County???