Mar 14, 2017

Witnesses for the 2017 preliminary on Jon Goldberg asked to return now 4th time; defense,wants to close aspects of preliminary hearing

Jon Goldberg's preliminary hearing for his 2017 case was continued twice before today.
It was continued for a third time today.

Witnesses now have to return for the 4th time.

Before the preliminary hearing can commence, Goldberg's attorney, Mr. Casey Russo, informed the court late last Friday, last minute, he wants a closed courtroom.

Discussions took place at the bench on Friday and from court records, it seems Mr. Russo wants the courtroom closed for more than just an evidentiary hearing.

By law, the defense request required Judge Reinholtsen to give notice to the public and interested parties such as media. LOCO, TS, Mad River Union were all present in court; KIEM was too but had to leave since the hearing did not start until 4:05.

The motion to close courtroom and preliminary was continued until April 11 at 2:30 p.m.

Count 1 is Assault with a firearm on (alleged victim) Rachel Goldberg; firearm used is alleged to be a revolver. Special allegation for Count 1 is "in the commission of the offense personally used a firearm."

Count 2 is Exhibiting a concealed firearm in public "in a rude, aggressive and threatening manner."

Count 3 is battery. Alleged victim is Rachel Goldberg.

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