Mar 8, 2017

After the Magney debacle, you think County Counsel would have learned their lesson, apparently not

(Patrik Griego)

The issue of the hiring of the new Public Defender is not going away. The public is passionate and I have received comments, emails and feedback that varies with opinions, pro and con.

Since this issue was brought up, County Counsel did not respond to local press, sent out a press release, did not even call Mr. Patrik Griego.

Personally, I want some questions and more information about whether there has been a violation of California Government Code 27701.

I am fine if Mr. Marcus meets those requirements and have formed no opinion about him. Personally, my preference would have been that the Board hired one of the local applicants, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum.

The County better be confident in their case because they are taking on Mr. Patrik Griego, an award winning, experienced trial lawyer.

The Board needs to not just take County Counsel's word on this litigation. We know how well that worked out recently in the Magney case. Not to mention money lost in lawsuits to HUMMAP and HUMCPR.

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