Mar 11, 2017

Marin taking steps to address inordinate amount of mentally ill incarcerated and delay in services; when is Humboldt stepping up?

Covering Humboldt County courts on a regular basis, this problem is exacerbated
because NAPA is, often the only option. Local public defenders have to file contempt of court to get any action on transport for inmates that need to be transported to state hospitals.

Previous posts (I did):

It has been a year since these posts, we have had Supervisors and County staff travel for conferences, out of town. So what's the hold up?

But we have time to spend hours and meetings, locally and nationally to pass commercial cannabis ordinances that may or may not result in taxes and hurts small mom and pop operations.

Maybe our state officials like Kamala Harris need to stop funding legal expenses for illegal refugees or others like Jared Huffman holding town meetings while doing zip for real issues that affect people.

Moonbeam begging for federal funds while saying FO to President Donald Trump and passing laws like Prop 47,and 57 that release more criminals on the street but no funding for jails or additional rehab facilities or courts.

Excerpt 1:

"The county of Marin has joined a national campaign to do something about the inordinately large number of mentally ill people who are being incarcerated in local jails.

At last count more than 300 counties had signed on to the "Stepping Up Initiative," which is being spearheaded by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, the National Association of Counties and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation."

Excerpt 2:

"Connolly said he anticipated further discussion on the issue next week when supervisors are scheduled to consider adoption of Assembly Bill 1421, also known as Laura's Law, which gives local judges the authority to order severely mentally ill individuals to undergo outpatient treatment. The proposal is for a two-year pilot program to assess the effectiveness of Laura's Law in Marin."

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  1. Wow, very well said, John Chiv! Bravo for calling it like it is. We need you to run for supervisor.

    1. Sorry, no interest in running for local politics. If I ran for Supervisor, I would be of no use because both the left and the right in this town have their interests and they do nothing for the people. And your paid media stays silent.

  2. Ship these mentally ill people to the local FEMA camp near Sacramento. There the saviors of sanity (sociologists and shrinks) can save the world. These people don't fit into society-remove them for the good of the community. Once isolated under "care and meds" the court system can spend better time on the murderers/rapists/low threats that Moonbeam is letting out.

  3. Wow, that is cold, camelg1. They DO fit into society--when we make space for them. Unfortunately, we do not make enough of those spaces and people end up on the streets and in jail. John, if you hear any more about this campaign and if/when Humboldt decides to get on board, please post! Thank you.

  4. please run against Virginia . only you can save Humboldt from the dems.

    1. I have no interest in Humboldt politics. As far as saving Humboldt from the Dems, the people on the right that have the money and power need to actually care about this community. They don't. They will not suppirt real media, real jobs or politicians unless you do their bidding.