Mar 10, 2017

Jon Goldberg preliminary delayed yet again by a last minute motion by Public Defender to close the courtroom

The preliminary for Jon Goldberg's 2017 case was rescheduled from Wednesday to this afternoon at 2:30 p.m., which due to the court calendar did not start until 3:20p.m.

It was continued yet again due to a last minute motion in court by Goldberg's attorney for a closed courtroom for an evidentiary hearing.

It seemed that Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal was not aware of this closed courtroom motion before today. In court, he said he is not filing an opposition.

There was about a 10 minute discussion at the bench between Judge Dale Reinholtsen and the attorneys.

Nothing has been filed according to court computer records. This screen shot is as of 3:23 p.m. today. Court clerk's office closes at 2 p.m. Two other members of the media, LOCO's Rhonda Parker and Paul Mann were present today in court and also with me I checked the court records.

Now, the preliminary is scheduled for 3 p.m. on March 14.

Two witnesses, for People Frieda Smith and defense subpoenaed Fortuna police officer Ryan Richardson will now have to return a third time, after waiting hours on both occasions this was continued.

Ms. Smith expressed frustration

Count 1 is Assault with a firearm on (alleged victim) Rachel Goldberg; firearm used is alleged to be a revolver. Special allegation for Count 1 is "in the commission of the offense personally used a firearm."

Count 2 is Exhibiting a concealed firearm in public "in a rude, aggressive and threatening manner."

Count 3 is battery. Alleged victim is Rachel Goldberg.

In the first preliminary for the 2016 case, charges which involved Rachel Goldberg were not held to answer.

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