Mar 11, 2017

OH's then Nocturnum, now what will that location be?

A reader was curious about equipment being moved into the former OH's location.

One source asked if this was going to be cannabis related. Another source just called and said they have heard the location will be a dispensary, the owner is out of LA. I am looking into price details.

The former OH's morphed into Nocturnum. When that closed, it has been empty but not any more.

The property sold back in December last year. The buyer is from out of town.

I will be updating this post. Have a few calls in and will check records Monday, if needed.


  1. Thanks John you are great. updates on Marc Kitchen?

    1. There have been several posts on that case in the last week, anon. The short answer to your question is that the preliminary is now scheduled for May 8. Best to check my blog once a day if you are interested in one particular case.