Mar 9, 2017

Do what you are permitted for and you won't get raided; EPD and North Coast News get the facts right unlike LOCO's fluff spin piece

LOCO had all day, you think they could manage to pretend to write a news piece. Just like the Green Road Consulting "article", which is one of LOCO's advertisers, LOCO did another scare, spin piece about the Lost Coast Research raid today.b

Also as usual LOCO is days late, in reporting on concerns in extraction alley, North Coast News did that weeks ago.

They could just have given David Bridge, the byline since they made him sound like a "victim".

North Coast News got the facts right, interviewed the neighbors impacted, and EPD and bothered to get the facts.

Follow what you are permitted for and the rules set out for legalizatuon and don't get busted.

Just because state and local politicians have sold the community out for a quick buck on the money the Green Rush is supposed to bring, does not mean that cannabis overrules others and public safety.

Yesterday's Humboldt lords may have been some errant timbers and ranchers; today it is pot growers, including some of the former group.

Self titled "award winning journalists and self appointed " investigative journalists" need to report real news and expose illegal behavior, not do PR for where they see ad revenue.  The "little clique of TS, NCJ, LOCO" that move around from publication to publication promoting each other and hiring  friends and try and pass them off as "journalists.'

Next time you suffer the consequence of being pushed over for a cannabis business and your rents go sky high for cash living landlords, ask yourself which businesses and elected officials, ( left or right) support publications that don't watch out for you.

You should be supporting all local media that take risks for you, the average Humboldtian, and the businesses that support these media sources.

There is a reason, you see few ads on this blog. My advertisers allow me to report independently.

Consequences to the pocketbook is what will get results when your elected leaders and businesses chose to ignore you.


  1. Wow, very well said, John Chiv! Bravo for calling it like it is, and for supporting local journalists who do their best to get it right. Just like they say, if you piss everyone off... then you're probably doing the job right! Journalists have to report all sides; they're not there to be people-pleasers. I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Anon, that was supposed to be thanks a lot for your comment. Appreciate your support.