Mar 25, 2017

Self defense as good cause to get a concealed carry weapon permit, it could be law soon in California

California Assemblymember Melissa Melendez (67th Assembly District) introduced legislation in February to reform California’s strict “may-issue” concealed carry licensing practices.

The next vote on this is on April 4. For Bill status, history and text, click on link below.
The bill, AB 757, would amend state laws so those applying for a permit could use the desire for “self-defense, defending the life of another, or preventing crime in which human life is threatened” as sufficient reason without having to show further good cause.

California is one of eight states that  still has a may-issue permitting for CCW licenses.

I talked with people involved including those in security, offering firearm training, and everyone echoed the sentiments of Aaron Ostrom, owner of Pacific Outfitters.

"Right now the Humboldt County Sheriff is issuing 98 out of 100 permits with the exception of someone who is clearly unstable or has red flags," said Mr. Ostrom.

"I think this will help with some counties where Sheriff's are more reluctant to issue permits."

If passed, "this law will encourage people to get CCW permits," said Mr. Ostrom. "I am all about people having certification from the government and firearm training."

Classes for concealed weapons can be booked 24/7 online via the Pacific Outfitters website.

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  1. excellent pathway to allow ccw applicants approval without political discrimination. The CCW is another excellent example of the 2nd amendment rights of all citizens. Thank you Melissa Melendez