Mar 10, 2017

Larry Nielsen, suspect charged in yesterday's hit and run was never booked or brought into the jail, so what's up CHP?

Larry Nielsen, suspect in yesterday's hit and run, was never booked into Humboldt County jail yesterday or brought in.

I just checked with both the Humboldt County jail staff, who also checked with the Sgt. on duty.

Have contacted CHP for comment. Sgt. Abshire sent this response:

"The press release was written in anticipation of booking into jail. And then, there was an unexpected medical emergency during the evaluation at the hospital, and he was released to the hospital. I realize that was not in the press release."

Mar 9, 2017

DUI not a factor in traffic collision today, female victim identified as Shirley Hoyt

DUI not a factor in traffic collision near McDonalds today. Female victim identified as Shirley Hoyt, according to a CHP release.

After being examined at the hospital, Larry Nielsen was booked into the Humboldt County jail including charges of felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter.

Incident being investigated. Press relesse says Nielsen "may have been suffering from an acute medical condition" that may have been a factor in the collision.


  1. He was obviously never medically cleared for booking. Probably cited out at the hospital to be formally booked at a later date.

    1. Then the CHP Press release should not state so. Let's see what they say.

  2. cronyism is at work here??? Follow the letter of the law here-don't cover up or cloud the info. WTF people.

  3. Sounds like Nielsen had a serious medical problem, and were he to stay in custody, then the County might be on the hook to pay for his treatment.

    I would hope that before Nielsen is released from the hospital, that the hospital gives the Sheriff a call so they can pick Nielsen up and book him.

    If it goes down otherwise, then there might be a serious cronyism problem, Houston...

  4. Are you serious? The press release said he was booked. Local media reported that he was booked. And he was never actually booked? Press releases shouldn't include definitive information on actions that may not actually occur. I bet Cy is going to have his hands full when he comes back on Tuesday. Thanks for checking and updating us on this John Chiv!