Mar 16, 2017

Fortuna traffic stop results in arrest; suspect charged with having shotgun, nunchaku and brass knuckles

On March 16th, 2017  2:30 pm, Fortuna Police Department officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle on 12th Street near Dinsmore Drive for a traffic violation. While officers were speaking with the driver, they observed what appeared to be the stock of a firearm sticking out from the back seat area. The firearm was partially concealed by other items in the rear seat.

During a search of the vehicle, officers located a loaded, 12 gauge pump shotgun which had been modified to have a short barrel and pistol grip stock, 1 pair of metal knuckles, also referred to as “Brass Knuckles”, a pair of homemade nunchaku, and 13.9 grams of methamphetamine.
The driver, 28 year old Jeffery Westley of Hemitt California, was arrested and booked into Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges;
33215 PC- Poss. Short barreled shotgun25850(a) PC- Poss. Loaded firearm within a vehicle22010 PC- Poss. Nunchaku21810 PC- Poss. Metal knuckles11377(a) H&S- Poss. Controlled substance. 

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