Mar 8, 2017

Marci Kitchen getting the kiddy glove treatment compared to Littlefield and Meserve & this is coming from me

Anyone who has read my coverage on Kailan Meserve or Timothy Littlefield knows how I feel about them. They also had a private attorney, Russ Clanton, and managed to stay out of custody and delay their cases; but ultimately justice was done.

Kade Chandler, another case, in which Mr. Benjamin Okin is co-counsel, is free to be out while the families await justice.

Yet, no case has received kiddy glove treatment like Marci Kitchen, who also has Mr. Benjamin Okin as co-counsel.

Private attorneys and clients who can afford bail are a combination that are misused in the Humboldt Court system, regularly.

I have sent an email to District Attorney Maggie Fleming, asking these two questions. I had tried to follow up on this before.

"1. Why was there no request for her to surrender her passport?

2. Why was she not asked to prove her bail was paid by legal means?"

There are other cases with private attorneys that I have covered that no one else has, like Rick Littlefield who with five DUIs, gets SWAP instead of jail time, stays out of custody while his case is resolved. Another case was Randy Cook, but his case was during Paul Gallegos' administration.

Marci Kitchen has a boyfriend, whose father is Mel Pearlston, a private lawyer with cases in this local court. No other case had a defendant taking multiple trips out of the country, having the gall to ask the County for assistance when she clearly has access to funds, and a case in which the suspect is charged with the death of her own daughter.

I have covered the Bodhi Tree case, the Jason Warren case, the Gary Lee Bullock case (one which I was personally affected by) and many others but Marci Kitchen's case, rightfully has the public outraged and the questions they are asking, have been ones I have informally discussed and thought about for months.

Her defense team delayed her turning herself in; her defense team keeps bringing up basically the same excuse for a continuance, her defense team is creating delays and questions leading to more press. Public comments that this maybe a manipulation tactic for change of venue and that she may change lawyers to further delay the preliminary ( not even at the trial phase yet) are justified concerns by a savvy public.

There are way too many " appearances of conflicts of interest" that deserve answers from the Judges, the DA and the defense. Just because Marci Kitchen can tweak the law to her benefit does not mean Judges and the DA cannot be more vigilant where there is discretion.

Deputy DA Stacey Eads has passionately advocated for the victims and  families; Judge Christopher Wilson had this case for the first time today and gave defense the warning they needed to hear so my questions for the DA are to Ms. Fleming as she is in charge and the one for Judges to Presiding Judge Joyce Hinrichs who handled this case, previously.

People had more sympathy for Gary Lee Bullock than they do for Marci Kitchen. Why are public concerns being ignored?


  1. If Bodhi Tree is convicted of murder and Marci Kitchen is out on bail, Humboldt County has gotten worse and I bet those judges are on drugs too!!!

  2. Good work. Keep on the case. Outrageous preferential treatment.

  3. I was wondering why she hadn't been tried yet. So money gets you out of DUI hit and run that killed to young girls. Wth?

  4. Thank you so much John for asking these questions! Absolutely disgusting.

  5. When's the next court date? I'm interested in attending?

    1. Next date is April 20 which is an intervention hearing and in Humboldt, closed to the public and media. Her preliminary hearing is May 8. Court dates are subject to last minute changes, especially in Humboldt, so best to check the online court calendar on the Humboldt Superior Court website.