Mar 13, 2017

I sent an email to the BOS asking about Laura's law & inaction since last year; Supervisor Estelle Fennell responded promptly

After the post I did below, I followed up today.

I sent an email to four County Supervisors (except Mike Wilson because he was not on the board a year ago)

The title was: "What is the status of Humboldt County and Laura's law?"

The text:
"Specifically Virginia, you have now traveled twice on the issue of mentally health and jails, the last this was in BOS was a year ago.

I want to hear why BOS hasn't followed up in this, not being forwarded to Connie Beck or other staff.

It is a fair more pressing issue that affects citizen safety daily than many issues."

Supervisor Estelle Fennell responded first and promptly.  Supervisor Rex Bohn also got back to me and said "you are right" and he was inquiring about this in a meeting this morning.

"As you may remember, we discussed this at our Board last year and referred it to DHHS to come back with a report on how it might work in Humboldt.
I have spoken with Director Beck about this on several occasions and expect a report back from her department in the near future."
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  1. Sounds like with all the turmoil in DHHS that the ball got dropped. Thanks for putting this on the Board's radar.