Mar 19, 2017

Maybe if the City of Eureka did its job, EPD would not have to waste time cleaning out trash in Old Town, and I don't mean garbage

This is the parking lot on H Street between 3rd and 2nd Street. Next to Ray's Auto Cars.

The photo of the guy with the green truck (taken from a distance on purpose) until EPD gets here. They arrived after a second business called them at 7:30 p.m. They talked to him and left. Made him put his pitbull in the truck. He is still here.

I called EPD earlier this afternoon but as I was on the phone since the guy blaring music left and the guy with the green shirt left, I told them I would call back if they returned. Informed all my neighboring businesses, including Humboldt Honey Wine, that just had an incident on March 3.

On a Sunday, the guy above, with another white car have been parked all day blaring music. I kept an eye on them. They kept pulling things out of the trunk exchanging things. Then, a third car pulled up with several people. One guy hands something and they drive off. All this while sitting with car doors open, dialing their cell phone repeatedly and cars pulling up.

I went and asked them if they were customers of Ray and after some time the guy in the green shirt says yes.

The best part is the other guy says the dude with the green shirt lives in the building across the street. Then why hang out in the lot? And why would he keep walking in the direction of Courthouse coming back with drinks?

The second business called them after observing the same behavior all day. Seedy looking car pulls up, exchange with the trunk hood up.

There are several residences and offices close by to this parking lot, including mine.

People park here all the time, leave their cars for Ray to fix. It is supposed be parking for local businesses and residents but it is a defacto parking lot for Ray's.

Ever tried finding parking here? Now you know why the lot is full.

Some just use Ray's as an excuse.

Last time convicted criminal Jeremy Kish hung out here causing issues using Ray as an excuse. He threatened me, I called EPD. I talked to Ray then, contacted the City, informed my Supervisor. This was while Kish was running around with a bunch of cases until he finally got arrested for arson in Arcata and plead guilty on several charges.

EPD has come to this location twice, to tow abandoned vehicles with expired registration, at my request.

After numerous transients hung out and I repeatedly called the City, wrote on my blog about issues, they trimmed the trees. Tweakers still hang out, throw crap, defecate on a daily basis.

Maybe if the City installed parking meters or Ray hired security and made sure his business did not impact mine and others, EPD could use their time not cleaning up Old Town after a nonchalant City and irresponsible businesses and landlords.

Same issue of cars driving up, loud music, especially at night and leaving in couple of minutes with certain houses on the other side of this parking lot. I happen to know who owns most of those houses. Time to start recording these "interactions" except it would be a full time job and no sleep.

The City turns a blind eye to what revenue they get, then acts surprised that slumlords are an issue. Floyd Squires isn't the only one.

It isn't just my neighborhood but Old Town has more transients and tweakers hanging out on the street than the people who pay to live here and own a business.

And if you own a business in Old Town, you pay a hefty extra business license fee. Is this nonsense what we pay the City of Eureka for?

Before the City raises any more taxes and water/sewer rates, they can start by installing parking meters in such lots, making sure they check if you have a business license if you operate a business, not just action that is complaint driven and get revenue they currently do not collect.