Mar 15, 2017

Fortuna lockdown being lifted, investigation continues, no suspect located

The latest on the Fortuna "lockdown" is that lockdowns are being lifted. Police units remain in area. The area of concern is still being checked. No suspect located, yet. Investigation is ongoing.

Press Release:

On March 15, 2017 at about 12:35 P.M. Fortuna Police Department received multiple 911 calls of citizens hearing shots fired in the Campton Heights area of Fortuna. As a precautionary measure the schools in the area were placed on lock-down while officers checked the area. Officers from Rio Dell and Ferndale Police Departments assisted Fortuna Officers in checking the area. Through the investigation a report was received that two juvenile students had witnessed an unknown adult male in a field area off School and Boone Street fire two shots from a shotgun into the air. In checking the area and surrounding area the unknown subject was not located. Officers remained in the area and the lock-downs were lifted. We ask if anyone witnessed the subject firing the reported shotgun or has any information regarding this matter to contact the Fortuna Police Department (707) 725-7550.    

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