Mar 16, 2017

I predict that Marci Kitchen's funding order will be granted, why trust the Court anymore?

Based on Judge Christopher Wilson's decision to let Marci Kitchen "party", why should the public trust him anymore given the "special" treatment Marci Kitchen is getting?

My post title is sarcasm for the humor challenged.

Judge Wilson made the right decision to give a warning to the defense at the last request for yet another continuance (over two past objections from the DA) and asking for Kitchen to surrender her passport.

This turn of events in Kitchen's favor despite vigorous objection by the DA, the victim's loved ones and the public stinks.

Is the message that if your boyfriend's daddy is a lawyer, you can afford two private attorneys, and can post bail set at $750,000 that you get treated differently?

Humboldt Justice "at it's finest".

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  1. do you believe in death penalty john becaause a firing squad could be good