Mar 14, 2017

Construction starts next week for public access computers and a clerk to be on second floor of the Courthouse

Just spoke with Humboldt County Superior Court CEO Ms. Kim Bartleson.

This is something that has been in the planning stages for a while but it has now been funded by the Judicial Council of California.

Rooms 202 and 203, located next to Courtroom 5 on the second floor of the Courthouse will be undergoing construction, starting next week. There will be three computer workstations for the public to use. And one clerk available. Some of the services offered will be the availability to pay court fines, tickets. Humboldt County Superior Court Manager Ms. Kelly Nyberg will provide more details of services, at a later date.

Currently, people have to exit the Courthouse and go to the I street clerk's office.

Ms. Bartleson has also been working on funding to upgrade the Humboldt County Superior Court case mabagement system. That is contigent upon funding which is currently before Governor Jerry Brown.

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  1. What is the bill that Governor Brown needs to sign? Thanks!