Mar 15, 2017

Arrested 190 times since 2012? Registered sex offender Alan Cook now in Fortuna

Alan A.Cook is someone I am familiar with from covering courts.

This guy knows the system, represented himself, got a plea deal and since then has been a frequent name in the jail reports of daily arrests.

This is a post I did on him:

Jun 29, 2015

Released less than two weeks ago after a plea to indecent exposure, he is back in custody

Yesterday, 4:14 p.m.

He sat a year in jail, served his maximum sentence, got 4 counts dismissed and plead guilty to indecent exposure and he is back. Cook represented himself.

I saw his photo on Operation Safe Streets and instantly recognized him. Someone asked how many times has he been arrested. According to OSS "Only 190 times since 2012."

Megan's law CA page is up now but search feature still "broken" so cannot provide updated information.

Another example why Probation is an utter failure in Humboldt.

AB 109, Prop 47 and 57 statwide mistakes. Put that money in for mandatory mental health and drug services and increase jail space that offers a pathway to voluntary treatment and a chance to prove you are ready to change.

Info below from OSS:

"Attention Fortuna Residents -

It's hard to guess how some people just seem to teleport from one city to another... but there's a good chance Mr. Alan Cook is planning to lay roots in your city.   He was scooped up today (after someome called to police) by City Ambulance and taken to RMH due to his intoxication levels.

Hopefully he'll be taken to jail once he's cleared but there's no guarantee.  His actions earlier were described as "increasingly aggressive" by the caller.  He's usually a headache for citizens of Arcata and Eureka.  He's not supposed to be drinking per his probation terms and he's also a registered sex offender.  If you sell liquor, please refrain from selling to him.   If he's causing a problem, call law enforcement.

Please note - we are not advocating anyone cause him any trouble but people should be aware of who's in their neighborhood.  At least we think so.  Stay safe and be alert!"


  1. Interesting you say probation is a failure, since misdemeanor probationers haven't been supervised in decades.

    1. Chris, you work for probation so you are not exactly objective on this topic. Why aren't misdemeanor probationers supervised? Some crimes were made misdemeanors too recently. I am not just talking about misdemeanors, I am talking about Probation in Humboldt handed out repeatedly despite frequent arrests. I hear Probation recommendations. You want to start asking questions, trust me I could raise a lot more about the utter failure of Probation. Way too many funds being diverted towards a Department that could be better used.

    2. If probation worked, these jokers would not keep agreeing each time only to be back for violation of probation. Daily, court time is wasted on these repeat offenders, not serious about change. When there are no consequences, there is no motivation. Probation should be for the ones serious about changing their lives.

    3. Probation doesn't work and Chris Peterson knows it's a failed system.

  2. this guy is a great candidate for "soylent green" chips. Bring in the garbage truck and cycle this piece of garbage.

  3. Probation does work. But like everything else not everyone succeeds. I have seen MANY people on probation able to turn their lives around. This guy is by far not representative of an entire population.

  4. I don't see this guy on the Humboldt County's sex offender list.

  5. I am in shock that he is allowed to be free if he has been arrested 190 times.What is wrong with this picture, maybe be committed to mental hospital or sent to prison for the rest of his life. I know I don't want this kind of low-life living anywhere near me or the ones I love

  6. THATS our real problem.....not the crooks (who will always be there and always damage life for the rest of us), but the SYSTEM that endlessly cycles them artound. If they truly wanna changer, they have their chance. But THREE STRIKES and they should be GONE......PERIOD!

  7. Saying that misdemeanor probationers are not supervised " alone is a perfect argument for why the probation system is a failure. They should be, otherwise what is the point of probation?

  8. Probation at its core is a system that is supposed to be in place to supervise any offender of any nature, without regard to the sex,race, or national origin. For such a system to work 1) The offender needs to be given the opportunity (while in custody) to seek the change the courts felt he or she could be successfull at and be ready to go back into society. 2) The probation department assigned to oversee the offender, must be given tools to properly supervise and must have a desire to see the offender succeed.

    Unfortunately, this is a fatally flawed system. While in custody, inmates throughout the state are placed in an environment that breeds criminal, barbaric, and animal like citizens. Yes the worst of the need to be locked up. Yet placing a productive member of society who committed a non violent misdemeanor or felony in the same environment as lifetime criminals, only corrupts the prisoner. Too many times decent individuals get placed in these institutions and out of mere survival must quickly learn the life and behavior of an inmate. Without it they fear (and we all know it's true) they will assaulted on many levels. These "rehabilitation" jails often put decent individuals in custody and return a person who is vile, broken, and left with a forever scarred mind. So this first item... yup flawed.

    Now probation... First off the duty of a probation officer, as outlined in each counties policy and procedure manual, is impossible to perform when they are handed case loads and charged with monitoring up 1000 clients at a time. 1 man, 8 hours a day is expected to supervise, know, and keep track of 1000 people. Really? 1 against 1000?!?! How is this ok? How is 1 person supposed to meet such an overreached goal? The state cries no money, yet we all see thousands of brand-new vehicles with gov plates. Why does a social worker, a probation officer, or any other state employee need to drive $40,000.00+ car? Instead of wasting valuable money on needless resources, apply the funds where they're needed most!

    The comments here are alike, why do we keep allowing convicted​ habitual offenders back on the street. When returning the convicted person back into the community, why are we breaking them down, breeding them to become the violent criminals out of custody when they were non violent to begin with?

    Change is possible, however the changes needed beyond the 2 mentioned here aren't being addressed. We all are quite happy to criticize, judge, and cast blame on others.

    Well here's a thought... When looking for whom to blame over this broken "system" one should first look to the mirror in front of them. That's right it's "WE"..."WE the people" failed our system, our community, & our children. We did this by refusing to change. We all push thru life like a hamster on a wheel. Routine after routine. It's "WE" that Continually elect the same politicians to represent our immediate world's. Until "WE" wake up and remove from office the political re-offenders and replace them with better people, only then will any one system be fixed.

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

  9. I have personal knowledge of this puke. Involved in a court case against him as a witness. He has been molesting little boys since he was 18, or before. His own brother forbid him being alone with his own son. This is madness. Doesn't CA have a 3 strikes law? How is this worthless POS out on the streets and WTF is going on in CA? Get out of CA people, once yr out you won't cross back over the border unless at gun point and Cooke is a perfect example why.

  10. What the fuck is going on in California?!