Mar 10, 2017

A smug Jon Goldberg shows no remorse for taking a life; sticks it again to the Smith family by wanting a closed courtroom

The preliminary for the 2017 case against Jon Goldberg  would be an opportunity for the public to get facts and information. It is unclear if the motion for a closed courtroom is just for the evidentiary hearing or also the preliminary hearing. Computer records indicate etc.

The Humboldt Public Defender's office, notorious for asking for gag orders like candy, now wants make it even more difficult for the press to get the facts. They should have to prove why the First Amendment can just be stepped over, especially at the preliminary hearing stage.

If this happens in a closed courtroom, the press and public will have no knowledge of all the facts until the final outcome of the case. And even then, it will not be comprehensive like covering the actual proceedings.

Goldberg has been looking quite smug and relaxed the last couple of court hearings. No angst, no remorse for taking a life.

Hate to bust Mr. Russo's bubble but compared to other high profile cases such as Jason Warren and Gary Lee Bullock, covering this case is not going to jeopardize his client's fair trial in any way. There is not even close enough interest in this case compared to the Kitchen case or Warren or Bullock cases.

This is not to diminish the loss of Tim Smith or his family and friends; in fact as alleged victims and family members, Goldberg through his attorney, is sticking to the Smith family and his friends once again, by denying them all facts.

There were no closed courtroom proceedings and the judicial process in cases such as Warren and Bullock had way more press and everything proceeded just fine.

If the Humboldt Public Defender's office intends to abuse the gag order and other laws to obstruct the First Amendment, willy nilly,  maybe it is time the local press got together and had a lawyer represent us.

The first preliminary went quite well for Goldberg given the inept handling of the evidence and investigation by the Fortuna Police Department. What is there even in an evidentiary hearing that Mr. Russo does not want disclosed about his client? Sounds more like using the law to obstruct justice for a victim, who is dead.

Again, nothing in court records Friday, but now it shows the motion filed March 10 it to close the courtroom for an evidentiary hearing.

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