Mar 30, 2017

Kudos to Del Norte County DA, Probation and Judge on Roberts sentence

Thanks to Moonbeam and the moronic California lawmakers and voters who passed AB 109, Prop 47 and 57, law abiding citizens' only hope is occasional justice like this sentencing.

California should be renamed the Get out of Jail free state.

Kudos to Del Norte DA Dale Trigg and Del Norte County Probation.

Humboldt County Probation and Judges should take note.

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  1. I'd suggest the Humboldt County DDAs start following the website of the LA County DDA as there are great, informative posts which might help them explain matters to people who ask why 'so and so was released from prison/jail'.
    Here are two recent posts on the blog which I would suggest anyone concerned with criminal JUSTICE (as it used to be) and what's being done.
    I had read up on the two props and voted no on both of them but friends who didn't bother to inform themselves now talk about the increase of break ins, auto theft and more.
    Assemblyman Ian Calderon IS trying to do something, I'm sure he could use some support.
    In which the author tells about requesting information (which should be publically available) on how decisions were made about implementation of Prop 67....and surprise, surprise the request was refused.

    Yes, these are DDAs in Southern California but from what I'm reading, they're concerned about the same thing DDAs elsewhere are. But there's more of them.

    I remember Jerry Brown from the first time around. But older is not necessarily wiser and Personally I think doing something like President Jimmy Carter (helping to build houses with Habitat for Humanity is a better use of time. Of course Carter still teaches a Sunday School class but the rest of the days of the week he doesn't try to push his agenda on anyone as Brown has. Someone needs to come up with a better title than Governor Moonbeam. How about Governor Closed Mind?

    John, I'm pretty sure you're aware of what the DDAs are talking about but your focus is on the NEWS----the 'who, what, where, when (and maybe why).

    One last thought: I'm sure the people who voted for #57 & #109 thought they would make this a kinder, gentler state to live in. I believe it would be a kinder, gentler, safer place if all the people who SHOULD be in prison or jail were there so we could get on with our lives.
    End of rant. And yes, this is written on 04/01/2017 but these concerns are no laughing matter/no joke.