Mar 4, 2017

Surprised our leftie "journalists" let this opportunity to diss Mercer Fraser pass

Suprised that our local "self proclaimed investigative" leftie " journalists" and environmental activists" let this one pass.

Excerpt from Mendo Voice:

MENDOCINO Co., 1/18/17 — After more than a year of negotiations between the now-closed Grist Creek Asphalt plant and the Mendocino Air Quality Management District over public the plant’s public health and emissions violations, the Mendo Air District is asking for help from the state to ensure plant owners comply with air quality rules. On January 5, they officially requested aid from the California Air Resources Board, in the effort to force the owners of the plant to follow all county and state regulations and address the required equipment and operation improvements.

Excerpt from Ukiah Daily Journal:

The Mendocino County Air Quality Management District has filed a lawsuit against asphalt manufacturer Grist Creek Aggregates, its managing partner Brian Hurt and Mercer-Fraser, which operates the hot mix asphalt plant near Willits.
The lawsuit alleges that all parties violated several sections of the California Health and Safety Code, including the release of air contaminants.
Over the course of the violations in late 2015, the MCAQMD says it has fined Grist Creek over $173,000, all of which is currently unpaid, and Mercer-Fraser, which is under contract with Caltrans for a project north of Laytonville, was allegedly operating its asphalt plant without a permit.


  1. Hey John, what's with the air quotes - are you referring to Humboldt-based journalists, or is there a reason you don't consider these articles valid reporting? The ongoing situation with the asphalt plant, including lawsuits filed by Mendocino County agencies, has been covered for over two years by multiple Mendocino media outlets, including repeatedly discussion of Mercer-Fraser's involvement, and interviews with their contractors and the plant owner at the site itself. No one covering the plant is claiming to be investigative or lefty, local reporters are covering an ongoing situation that resulted in an investigation and public health notices from the state Air Resources Board. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions. - Kate Maxwell

  2. Hi Kate. Thanks for asking. The air quotes are directed specifically to certain Humboldt based "journalists" and to those Humboldt based "journalists" only.