Mar 4, 2017

Solution to crime in Humboldt? The disappearing door knob

If they could develop this for car doors, even better. Knob disappears when locked.

Bonus, if the criminal is drunk or high, they might just get caught while figuring out another way to enter or they would simply walk away.


  1. I think I saw these on techcrunch or boing boing about 10 years ago. These exist but from what I read, they're only a little more difficult to pick than a regular doorknob. Not good for an outside door, but apparently are just dandy for other types of doors. Inside doors might be OK but would not be a good idea for those with health concerns where you might end up needing to just kick the door off it's hinges to get at someone having a stroke or stopped breathing. Hotel doors this could work. They're always coming up with strange ideas (e.g. Marriott now has an app where guests can check in and unlock their doors from their doors as some don't have knobs at all) ~TMOB

  2. *Open doors from their phones, not other doors. Yeesh.