Mar 3, 2017

Kidnap code on scanner, location Humboldt Honey Wine

Location 723 Third Street "Unknown male entered", reporting party says male "grabbed 25 year old daughter" and allegedly put his hand under her shirt.

Fortunately, she was not alone, her mother was there, who told me her daughter warded off the suspect with a wine bottle and yelled for her to call 911.

The owners are friends of mine. I just spoke with them. They are okay. The daughter is okay.

I just went over briefly to see them.

EPD officer is there. There is surveilance so video; in the process of being retrieved.

Update: Suspect is  5'8", white male,  brown hair,  wearing tan cargo pants and long light blue thermal top.

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  1. EPD officer is someone new, not familiar with him. Informed him and my friends that there are some "regulars" and "transients" who loiter in the neighboring parking lots and camp out, sleep in alley way on a daily basis.

    Garbage, needles, empty alcohol bottles, weed smoke, sometimes during the day and all night long.