Dec 8, 2016

For those who saw her board a flight to Mexico, yes Marci Kitchen is back

Still getting inquiries from people who saw Marci Kitchen board a flight from San Francisco to Mexico.

Yes, she is back .

Dec 2, 2016

With her preliminary hearing continued, Marci Kitchen decides to take a trip out of the country

I heard this through the grapevine from a few sources of the Marci Kitchen "fan club."

It seems Marci Kitchen has a trip planned out of the country soon. Will she return?

Should have asked for her passport to be surrendered.

I have contacted both the DA and Kitchen's attorneys for comment.


  1. WTF is wrong with our DA? Wouldn't this be considered flight? When does a potential murderer have such wonderful privileges? This stinks link manure!!!!

  2. Agreed with camelg1 ~~ She should be considered a flight risk!! But then Kade Chandler who is accused of DUI gross vehicular manslaughter X's 2 was allowed to leave the country and the state multiple times. Makes no since. Maybe they figure if they allow them to flee they won't have to try them and save the county some money? Who the heck knows.

    1. Both are also represented by Ben Okin.

    2. How does Okin show his face around the community? What an embarrassment.

    3. @annonymous 2:43 He sleeps well with high dollar pillow. He has no shame, he represents all the DUI killers in humboldt or so it seems.