Dec 4, 2016

CalPERS pension debt per household up 19.4%, working Californians stiffed again

While the ultra liberal voters of California want to pat themselves on the back for banning plastic bags, voting for Prop 57 to release more criminals into the community and march for causes that do not affect Californians, the working Californian gets stiffed again.


The latest report from Stanford University’s “U.S. Pension Tracker” reveals that the 2016 California Public Employee Pension Plan liability is up 19.4 percent to $964.4 billion.

CalPERS pension debt on a per household basis jumped $15,048 to $92,748 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.


  1. Breitbart is now a reliable source for journalism. Maybe I should retweet this.

    1. Ah, the predictable radical left never fail to disappoint. Breitbart isn't the only one to report it but yes they are reliable. More reliable than fake CNN news, made up NBC Katie Couric News, ABC aka Clinton PR news. Let's not forget the reliable pollsters who predicted the Presidential election. I suppose since Stanford did this study, they are now right wing too. Guess what, nationally and locally, it is conservative and moderate media sources that report news and are credible.

  2. Well, that's laughable, but I do appreciate the link to the CalPERS news, as this is the only place in my feed where that showed up.