Sep 12, 2017

So Regina, you had no problem with HSU until recently?

Text of comment by Regina Wheeler on Justice for David Josiah Lawson page.

"Following is a short letter I sent to Humboldt State via their contact info on their website. It took almost 3 weeks to get a generic reply.

"My son, Chase Wheeler just graduated May 13th. He was a student at HSU for three years where he ran cross country and track. He actually received the bronze for his fall down and get back up steeplechase run at the 2017 CCAA Championships. Needless to say I and the rest of his family are extremely proud of him.
What I am writing to you concerns the dismay and fearfulness I feel after finding out only by circumstance, David Josiah Lawson's murder. As a mother of a minority student I feel confused about why I wasn't contacted by the school? My stay in Arcata for my son's graduation was uncomfortable at best. It feels like a backwoods town full of racists. I applaud the work HSU has done to diversify the student body, but at what cost? My son could have been Josiah Lawson. And that my own son did not inform me of this occurrence undermines everything I taught him growing up black in America.
My daughter thankfully happened upon a very courageous article/blog while looking up the Native American Tribe who owns the Humboldt land. She didn't find out much about them from her google search because this blog noting the murder of Josiah Lawson was the first feed. Thankfully, or I would have never known. Thankfully and mournfully. I have since sent this information to D.L. Hughley and will also be reaching out to the NAACP to make sure this information of such vital importance, especially today, is not just swept under the carpet. To think these charges where dropped not a month after the murder is sickening. I have also pledged to do everything in my power to make sure this hate crime doesn't happen to another student."

So Regina, you had no problem with HSU until recently?

There was a lot of coverage on the Lawson case and most of it was accurate and based on court coverage. Doesn't seem you read any of that coverage. Opinions online are not facts, nor are is it news.

From your comment above, it seems you have been misinformed or chose to believe misinformation and it is  similar sentiment expressed by the few drama causing trouble makers who have made this case a circus from day one.

You do not live here, yet you stir up and send some information to D.L. Hugley, why? Based on what facts?

The Lawson case has got a lot of coverage, support from this community, donations and constant attention. Most of the drama is being stirred up from L.A. and So Cal and a few local drama makers. You have a lot of nerve maligning a community based on what seems no research and definitely not objective research. Shame on those exploiting the tragedy of David Josiah Lawson's death by fueling emotion with misinformation. 

Finally, this is not directed just at you. Racial diversity  does not = black. Multicultural does not = black. Person of color does not = black. But that is how some black people see it.


  1. I would think she was not contacted by Humboldt State regarding the Lawson murder is twofold, First, I'm guessing her son is over 21 years old and is considered emancipated so a notification to mommy is not required, and second, I haven't seen any evidence that Lawson's murder was racially motivated. Perhaps I missed something in this long, long account of events. I do find it interesting, to the point of almost racist that she refers to Arcata as a backwoods town of racists. I'm not a racist, and while this woman has never met me, she had no problem labeling me as such. I believe that is called 'prejudice'.

  2. Does this person really exist? Is this person really this stupid?
    This death had nothing to do with skin color. Idiot's out to late, playing tough guy's. Who ever brought out the knife is at best guilty of manslaughter. No hate crime, no malice or forethought. Just idiot testosterone fueled idiots being idiot's. When a Blood pulls a drive by and kills a Crip is it a hate crime ?
    Happens every day where's your outrage ?
    My stay in Arcata for my son's graduation was uncomfortable at best. It feels like a backwoods town full of racists.
    Arcata? Bullshit, the only racist is you, if you even exist.

    1. Rusty, she has a facebook profile.

    2. Well, again I'm a racist according to her. She looks like a reasonable person for a large part of her page. Then boom! There it is. She slams the "media" for not even being able to get a reward right then goes on a misinformed rant about an "Arcata" judge letting a killer free. I highly doubt she felt uncomfortable in Arcata and I'm sure that her son's Graduation wasn't the only time she came to town. Back woods, yes indeed if you come from large cities, but isn't that the whole appeal of sending your kid here? Get the kids away from the problems of a big city and up in the back woods, where they can take life slow and relax, while getting that degree.

      I do agree with one thing. It pertains to young kids coming to this area. I live here so I know what crimes we have. Mr. Lawson is not the first nor will he be the last person murdered in this area. I think Humboldt State University should be up front with the level of crime here. As a parent myself, I wouldn't send my children anywhere to go to school without educating myself on their safety. This area has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the state I believe. Arcata is just as dangerous as Eureka. The crimes may be a bit less, but it's not like Arcata is a gated community. Was she so upset because she thought she sent her child to a safe place, which wasn't as safe as she thought? Maybe he was at the party? Who knows. I worked at Humboldt State University for many years and can't recall seeing or hearing about any "racism". I did see some reverse racism, but that was not in relation to skin color, but rather Southern California elitism verses Northern California hicks. Eventually that usually worked out when the partying started and the Southerners migrated into the "Little Berkeley" lifestyle.

      I find it interesting that humans, myself included, will get partial facts, get the highlights and just run with them. We are a species that get triggered, get mad, then in some cases, do research or soul searching and get the facts. What ever the agenda is. I think any "isms" can be a trigger. No one wants to be labeled, yet we are tagged all the time. People can't just be lumped into a group and be labeled. She has just lumped me in a group yet she is the person who is being an uneducated racist.

      Oh, what the hell does DL Hugeley have to do with this? Is she name dropping? what does a comedian have to do with this? Sure contact the NAACP, but I'm pretty sure they have heard all about it. We have a local chapter or Reps.

  3. Hate crime! really!... wow, this lady obviously doesn't have a clue whats going on here, I think her ignorance is repulsive!... so now arcata is a backwoods town full of racist? this woman is a joke. whats going to happen when/if they find out it was Josias friend who did it on accident while trying to commit a hate crime on the white kid?... what are all these people screaming about racists in Humboldt gonna do then?... what about the hate & fear they are unnecessarily spreading? how many murders happen in Humboldt a year that don't get half the recognition that this one has? what about justice for jennika? remember that? promising young girl 18years old, going to be a nurse murdered in the home she lived in? wheres the cry out for the lack of justice in that? not even a suspect yet nobodys protesting the police work done (or not done) on thas case, why is that? hmmm maybe because she wasn't a minority & bringing to attention the lack of police efficiency regardless of color shows that its not about race, they are inept no matter what color your skin is!...