Sep 12, 2017

Act of peaceful solidarity or chaos?

Despite asking for peaceful act of solidarity and stating it was a structured meeting ; Arcata City Council's last meeting evolved into chaos.

In the post below, there is a reference to a student in 2001. I researched the name from another comment. Short of  a memorial, there is no indication of foul play. So either put your claims in writing so they can be researched or quite fueling drama with unverified misinformation.

Post on Justice for Josiah Lawson:

"We are asking for community members & students to attend this Wednesday's City Hall meeting in Arcata. Please show your support as we plan to ask City Hall to put Josiah on the meeting agenda moving forward.

It has been close to five months on September 15th and time is flying by. No one is being held accountable for Josiah's murder. We do not want Josiah's senseless murder to fade into obscurity which has happened before to a Black male HSU student in 2001.

Please come and show your support and solidarity this Wednesday, September 6th.

There will be time for brief community comments but please be aware this is a structured meeting and we want this to be a peaceful act of solidarity. Thank you. Justice for Josiah. May he rest in peace."

Post regarding September 13 meeting:

"In addition to tomorrow's meeting at city hall at 6:00 p.m, there will be monthly council meetings to discuss Josiah's case the fourth Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. The first will occur Sept. 21, which is separate from tomorrow's meeting.

Strictly Josiah Lawson's case and student safety will be the focus of tomorrow's meeting at city hall.

As always we ask for a peaceful act of solidarity as it concerns Josiah.

Student and community voices are needed tomorrow. Thank you. #JusticeForJosiah"


  1. I wonder if the meeting tomorrow at 6pm for 'student safety' in the City of Arcata's Council Chamber will be televised/ shown on the internet? I doubt that it will be peaceful though, if the actions of the group during the City Council meeting of September 6th are any indication.

  2. Well I can not find a link to the City of Arcata showing their 'student safety' meeting that started at 6pm tonight on the internet.

    Apparently the City of Arcata does not want the general public that is not there in the City Council Chamber to see what is happening at tonight's meeting...