Sep 13, 2017

Now that Andrew Hamer has received $50,000 from City of Eureka, will that encourage more lawsuits by him and his current "activist" groups?

The City press release did not include who represented Andrew Hamer. It was David Dibble.
City Press Release:

The City of Eureka’s insurance carrier, Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund (REMIF) has settled United States District Court Case entitled “Andrew Hamer, plaintiff, v. City of Eureka, et al.,defendants,” action number 12-CV-6077-JSW.

 This action was filed against the City in 2012 after an incident occurring on November 14, 2011 during the Occupy protest at the Humboldt County Courthouse. The County of Humboldt had a separate action brought against them by Mr. Hamer.

Andrew Hamer had alleged that he was injured during an arrest in which Eureka Police Officers detained and handcuffed him. Virtually all of the events during the arrest are captured on multiple videos that support the accounts of the defendant officers.

 EPD officers made several arrests during the Occupy standoff at the County Courthouse along with officers from the Humboldt County Sherriff’s Office.

Officers used great care when dealing with each protestor and during Mr. Hamer’s arrest.

REMIF Counsel, Nancy Delaney of Mitchell, Brisso, Delaney & Vrieze, LLP, defended the City and its officers during the course of this action. The County of Humboldt settled its case with Andrew Hamer separate from the City of Eureka.

REMIF has settled with Andrew Hamer on behalf of the City of Eureka for $50,000. As noted in the settlement, the settlement is an “economic decision” based on the defense costs for a Federal Court trail.

 Furthermore, the settlement states “It is understood and agreed that this settlement is the compromise of a disputed claim, and that payment made is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of any party or parties hereby released, and the said Released Parities deny liability.” The Eureka Police Department and its officers have been dismissed from the action.

The City of Eureka is confident that its police officers acted within the law and policies of the department and the City and its officers would have prevailed if this case had moved forward in court. However, the City does understand the cost to its insurer and ultimately the tax payers of the City of Eureka and supports the decision made by REMIF.


This is a link to Andrew Hamer's facebook profile. And a link to a craigslist post making allegations about him.

Text of craigslist post:

"Humboldt Grassroots: Eureka's local far left hate group, PROOF(Eureka) hide this posting

 1 2 3 4 5
Im posting these for all citizens of Eureka, the local non profit organization Humboldt Grassroots is a violent far left hate group and over the course of years has committed countless numbers of assaults, break in's, stalkings, and false accusation to incite riots or violence against individuals. These crimes have been perpetrated with the motivation to harm, intimidate, and ostracize people and businesses along political and racial lines.

Attached to this post is photos from 2 long standing members personal facebook pages, Andrew Hamer, and Chris Allen. In the first photo you can see Mr Hamer making 2 rape accusations without any evidence, which has been his favorite tactic for several years. One against a business and the other against an individual, with the final sentence "so fuck him, he made his own bed" implying that later action may be taken.

The Second is of Mr Allen claiming to confront "six nazi motherfuckers talking shit" at Denny's also stating "I feel bad that i backed down. I really need to get back to the point where that doesn't scare me anymore." Clearly this post is a sad attempt at virtue signaling to like minded individuals and it is unclear whether this incident actually happened at all but the implications are obvious. This group is actively seeking out and legitimizing violence against individuals they label as "nazi's". What i would like to know is what these 6 gentlemen did or said that triggered you to label them as "nazi's" and why you think your justified in assaulting them for speaking?

If you would like to contact this group they operate out of the Rhizome Infoshop Located at
30 W Wabash in Eureka
7 0 7 ___5_ 7_ 2_-__5_1*6*9*

If you have been a victim of this groups actions please save any evidence you can and share your experiences publicly or with myself. I will be archiving all the hateful activity I can from this group and expose them for what they really do, thank you."


  1. City of Eureka is going to have to do Bake Sales to pay off all of their law suits pretty soon. Why settle if the procedures were correct and documented on video. I imagine this will open the door very wide.

  2. The link to craigslist doesn't work. I don't know if what is posted is true, but I think people should take a look and make up their own minds.
    IWW? I heard Joe Hill had the real history of the Wobblies (don't bother with Wiki, it's all about the origins). But to get an idea about how a very left wing group sounds, check out their twitter account.
    This is not your garden variety progressive.

  3. I really hope to meet this human turd on street someday.

  4. Before long, no one will be arrested for fear of a lawsuit. What a delight to envision! crap and lowlifes running the cities and county and never fearing anything. Socialist/marxist breakdown at its best.

  5. Andrew didn't get 50 k. After 5 years his attorney got it, and hopefully more.

  6. Fucking clowns. None of these people have any violent crime charges that were fueled by their beliefs.
    true activist groups dont just talk tough on the internet and claim they are violent. Tell tale sign that they are fueled by ignorance and are a disgrace to true activists groups everywhere